Writing a blog post

Here are some excellent ideas I found on Kathleen Morris’ blog to hep with writing a post:

  • Write posts semi-regularly such as every week or two. People might not have a chance to read posts that are published too close together. Readers might forget about your blog if you leave too long a gap between posts.
  • Write about something that you are interested in but also something that will interest others. 
  • Reply to all/most of your commenters. Readers will be encouraged to comment again if their comment is acknowledged or if they engaged in a conversation.
  • Don’t overdo glitter text and keep fonts consistent and easy to read. Yellows and fluro colours are generally very hard to read.
  • If you want to use images, use creative commons images, screenshots or your own photos/artwork.
  • Make posts easy to read. Left aligning text, using paragraphs, subheadings and/or dot points all helps the reader take in your post more easily.
  • End posts with questions to provide readers with commenting prompts. Asking questions that a variety of readers could answer is a skill that will help you to develop as a blogger.
  • Proofread and check your facts before publishing. VERY important!

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