What an inspiring Friday

Today was one of those once in a lifetime experience days for the children as they ventured into a new kind of learning where resilience was key and confidence building was in abundance all around us. For one day only, the brilliant children of our school became presenters, working alongside Russell Prue of Anderton Tiger Radio who expertly guided them in the art of presentation and broadcasting etiquette.

With each group given their own focus for the show, time was spent planning, allocating roles, researching and rehearsing for their time behind the microphone, whilst some children became technicians for the day, working the jingles, beds and text machine. All very technical but all very much within the capabilities of the children, who simply shone. Everyone was working to a 2.30pm deadline, as that was when we went live to the world.

I can honestly say that as the day progressed our children grew in confidence and, on their own, produced a slick and exciting show that at it’s peak was simultaneously listened to by 40 listeners around the world. With an age range of children of 6-11 years all working together in mixed groupings, it was a complete joy to watch them work and a fabulously exciting and inspiring day was had by all. My thanks to the staff for supporting the children where necessary, to Russell for giving us a day to remember and to the children for making our last day of Term 5 so incredibly memorable. Well done everyone, you were amazing. Here are some behind the scenes photos and video of the day and the show and the podcast of the broadcast for you to listen again.

2 thoughts on “What an inspiring Friday

  1. David

    Mr Rockey what a fantastic day your school had with Russell. The live show was fantastic and the children speak so confidently about a broad range of subjects. I am amazed that this was all put together in just a few hours.

    Hopefully one day your school will have it’s own radio station.

  2. Mr Rockey Post author

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your comment. We had a fantastic day with Russell and the children really did an amazing job. I am hopeful that we will be able to get our own station at some point as I feel that there would be so many benefits for everyone.

    Best wishes


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