What a day to be a Head…

…starting with an extended and final celebration assembly of the year. This morning we were all enthralled by some confident and brilliant musicians from all of our classes, who volunteered to perform a piece on the instrument that they have been learning this year. I must say that I was full of admiration for them all, as they took to the stage and performed so very well indeed. Mixed in amongst the usual birthdays, celebration certificates, out of school achievements and Westwood wonders it was the perfect start to the day and I loved it. We must do that more often.

This afternoon was my final tea with the head of the year and we decided to combine it with a super art exhibition from Ms Brown and art club. It was lovely to see so many of our parent and pupil community there for a drink, cake and a chat and it gave us all the opportunity to reflect on our first enjoyable year as a school community. Thank you for coming, it was a joy to see my mum’s cake all eaten and with enjoyment. I have told her and she was thrilled!

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