Wet and rainy Monday, but a trip down memory lane

As I was on duty this morning in a blustery and extremely autumnal playground – good fun, leaves everywhere and VERY excited children running around – it reminded me of when I was at primary school (many years ago!). That feeling of being able to run blindly outside after some learning to see your friends, make up a game, fall out, fall back in again and to generally just be a child. Although my memory serves me less efficiently than it used to, I still remember the excitement of being able to just play.
It was a joy to see children doing just that in all corners of our playground, from the reception children who are still finding their way into a new school, to the Year 6 boys playing a game of handball to the pockets of children in-between who were just happy to have a chat and catch up. All on a slightly colder and very damp piece of tarmac which for most of the day sits unused, but springs to life at 10.30 in the morning, when happy children play their games and make their fun. If ever proof were needed of the importance for children to hold onto their childhood, this was it.

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