Westwood’s got SO much talent

After such a wonderful and exciting week, last night we were treated to a performance of superstar standard by our brilliant children at Westwood’s got Talent. With the school hall transformed into the Albert Hall, not a ticket to be found, makeup and hair done and every routine practised and polished, every parent, grandparent, friend and relative was given an evening to savour. One by one, in pairs, trios or groups, the children took the stage to perform their act. From dance routines to songs, sketches, poems, demonstrations and even musical recitals, the standard was so high and highlighted once again that for a small school we have a tremendous wealth of talent in our community.

Once again I was so enormously proud of everyone. Not only for having the confidence to stand on the stage on front of a large number of people and perform, but to do so with such grace, effortless skill and professionalism. Thank you to you all for the practice you have put in and for being so brilliant and giving us all a truly perfect night out.

I must also thank and congratulate the comperes – Tom and Oscar, Ed and Jo, for their perfect delivery and cool under pressure, slick presentation. Excellent work by everyone.  Finally, once again, huge thanks to Philly and Karen of our brilliant FoWs for organising this super event and to Ann, Elaine and the entire Friends of Westwood School for, once again, giving us an evening to remember.

If you have photos or videos that you would like me to share on my blog of the evening, please pass them to Jo in the office and I will get them uploaded. Thank you all for coming and for showing what a fantastic community we have at our school.

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