Westwood Gets Ocarina Happy!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with our KS2 children, introducing them to the new ocarinas we have in school. Learning simple notation, but most of all, the fun and enjoyment of playing a musical instrument, the children very quickly picked up the skills and technique required and I had two great sessions with Orchid and Lotus class, with us all being able to play London’s Burning by the end of the afternoon – even in the round!

I asked Lotus class to briefly write about their experience and enjoyment of the afternoon in a simple blog post. Please hop over to lotus.westwoodblogs.org to read their brilliant posts.

I also managed to record some of our playing this afternoon,please enjoy what we achieved in just 40 minutes!

One thought on “Westwood Gets Ocarina Happy!

  1. Mrs Knight

    Sounds incredible. Well done everybody…all that ‘air ocarina’ playing paid off! I can’t believe you can play in harmony already.


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