Welcome Back Everyone

So begins another term and it is good to be back. I do hope that you had a very enjoyable Easter and wasn’t it good to have some pleasant weather for a change?! I was certainly grateful for it and I now have a fence in my garden once more after its demolition during the storms!

This is such a short term, but, once again, there is a lot packed in. It was straight back into the classroom for me this morning when I had the pleasure of teaching Clover class for the morning. As always, the children’s behaviour for learning was great and we had a lovely dialogue between us, focusing on alphabetical order in Literacy and then some challenging work on halves and fractions in maths. The children worked very hard and it was lovely to do some teaching so soon into the term. Well done Clover class.

You are probably aware by now that we have our Westwood Writer of the Week award well and truly established and I can honestly say that I do feel it is inspiring the children to work harder at improving their writing. If you are around first thing on a Friday, please feel free to come along to our celebration assembly and share in the children’s hard work and success.

On the last day of term, I held my Easter tea with the head. Whilst this is always well supported, we decided to combine it with Art club’s brilliant exhibition and it was a wonderful turn out with lots of great art to see. A fine end to the term and so this is now a good opportunity for me to give you advance warning of the next one, which will be held after school on Friday 23rd May. The usual home made cakes, tea, coffee and chat will be available, so if you haven;t come along yet, please do.

Can I also remind you of the Friends of Westwood school Boden event this Saturday at school. Lots of great items for purchase and vital additions to the wardrobe. I’ll be bringing my family along to have a browse so I will see you there!

Can I wish you all a super term and thank you for your continued and much appreciated support for the school.


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