Time passes so quickly!

Hello again! I can hardly believe that we are half way through this half term and with the half term holiday approaching that means we are half way through the year!

I have been fortunate enough to work in all of our classes quite a bit over the past couple of weeks – hence the lack of updates – and I continue to be thrilled and excited by the learning that is taking place and the enthusiasm from the children. Once again we have some wonderful topics to focus on and the children have embraced them, with super entry points to get everyone started.

Not only that, some of our children are continuing their learning at home. If you have time, please do pop over to orchid,westwoodblogs.org and see what fascinating things the children have found out about Time Peake and his Principia mission to the ISS. Brilliant! I also watched some slow motion videos that a couple of our children had worked on at home and it is a reminder of how dedicated and motivated our children are.

The Wiltshire Times are popping in to showcase our school today, too, so please do look out for that in an upcoming issue. Have a great week everyone!

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