The Great Big Dance Off Final!

Today I feel a very proud head teacher, as I do every day, but yesterday I had the pleasure of watching our superb dancers in Orchid class take part in the Great Big Dance Off Final at the New Theatre in Oxford. After an enormous amount of hard work to get through the heats in Swindon and then training very hard to perfect their moves, timing and skill, every single dancer deserved their place on the stage yesterday.

Up against 24 other schools from around the country and the second smallest school in the competition, this really has quite literally put our school on the map, as you can see below in the programme!:


The level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment from everyone was just wonderful and despite being the second smallest, our school had the biggest cheer and warmest reception when announced in the early part of the second half. With perfect timing, slick moves and an outstanding performance, every member of the dance group should feel so proud of themselves and I hope that it is an experience that they will all remember for many years to come . I know I will as the atmosphere was electric!

I must give an enormous amount of thanks, once again, to Karen Hobson for her tireless efforts, amazing choreography and superb organisation in making sure that the day was one for us all to remember. What started out as a simple discussion between us, Karen was able to develop into a reality and a wonderful experience for us all and I know how much time has been put into making this such a success. Can I also please thank the parents for their support and time in ensuring that this was so successful. I am in no doubt that you are all incredibly proud of your children and rightly so.

Westwood with Iford School. Great Big Dance Off Finalists 2014

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