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Blogging, Mathletics and Science…

…all in one day, that was yesterday! I had the pleasure of teaching Clover class for the day and we had a great time. In the first session, after a superb strings assembly from our Year 3 and 4 children, I introduced the children to our new Mathletics accounts. I quickly found out that the children had been busy using them at home to practice their mathematical skills, which is super. There is now a login link on the school website on the maths page or you can click on the link at the side of this blog to go straight there and have a go! I do feel that this will be another way to help our children to be methodical and quick thinking mathematicians and Clover class were certainly that!

All too quickly we were into our English lesson, for which I had planned a session on blogging. The children took to it brilliantly and by the end of the session we had everyone posting to Clover class blog, writing some super descriptive writing. If you would like to check out their writing and leave a comment, here is the link westwoodcloverclass.schoolblogs.org.

A hands-on science lesson took most of our afternoon, with prediction and observation the focus. Would you be able to predict how the seeds would look inside a selection of fruit? It was a challenge, but a fun one and with a story to end the afternoon it rounded off a wonderful day in the classroom and a timely reminder of why I love teaching. The children were lovely, they worked hard and, I hope, got a lot from it.

Clover class in action with their science:

Year 6 get adventurous

Once again, this afternoon I had the pleasure of teaching Year 6 for the afternoon and today we were writing adventure stories. I always enjoy seeing the thought process that goes into planning and executing a story, particularly when children grow in confidence, which I am seeing all the time. Lots of good ideas and some clear and detailed planning resulted in some stories that I am very much looking forward to reading.

I also had time to wander around the school this morning and see all of the classes in action, briefly, which was enjoyable. On Friday afternoon I was joined by an ex-colleague and headteacher who was extremely impressed with the level of behaviour and commitment that the children showed and commented on this many times as we carried out our learning walk of the school. Needless to say that, once again, I was very proud of our school and our children!

It’s Friday again!

Firstly, my apologies for not adding anything to the blog this week. I have been training and up and down the country gaining new ideas for taking the school forward. Whilst this has been both fun and useful, I do miss being in school with the children.

Celebration assembly this morning was a lovely reminder of just how hard the children are working every day and how this is reflected in the awards that the staff are giving. I also felt extremely privileged to share the children’s out of school achievements, of which there were many – and so diverse!

This morning it was great to be back in the classroom again teaching Clover class. It is always Big Write day on a Friday and today’s excitement was writing dinosaur stories. As always there was good commitment from the children towards their learning and the results are super. They have clearly listened to the teaching that they have shared with Mrs Charleton this week. Well done everyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our Westwood writers as I know that Orchid class’ homework is to add to the Westwood Writers blog. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so follow the link at the side to see what we are doing and leave a comment if you’d like to. I did have great fun in Orchid class on Wednesday afternoon. We were learning about Google sites and everyone was able to create their own simple website for the class to see in an afternoon. The level of technical understanding is great and really does promote the use of collaborative learning. Ask your child to log into their Google account and you can have a look at the results.

As I write this Lotus class are outdoor learning and, from the sounds of it, having a fantastic time. Mr Bennett mentioned that it was an orienteering exercise to begin a new unit of work. I am sure the children will enlighten you – I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

I must mention before I sign off that Thistle class, after their concerted efforts this week, won the Westwood Wonder trophy by the biggest ever margin. A HUGE 24 points saw them romp home with the trophy to enjoy in their class. Well done to all of you!

Now we are half way through the term, which is something of a reality check. Have a super weekend.

Back in the classroom

This morning I had the pleasure of being back in the classroom teaching Thistle class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only were the children engaged in their learning, but they were keen to demonstrate what they had been learning recently. We started with a fun phonics lesson and I noticed that already some of the children are beginning to join their handwriting, which is great. Thistle maths today was all about subtraction – not the easiest concept to master when you are young, but the children worked methodically and sensibly, taking advice and building on their learning. English was all about being bossy with our vocabulary to write instructions and I always find it fascinating to see how well children pick up new words and enjoy using them. All in all a very enjoyable morning and a treat to be teaching.

Now, as I sit here temporarily in my office it is beautiful autumn sunshine outside – we do have wonderful grounds – and I can hear some French from Orchid class taking place. Elsewhere children are listening intently and working feverishly on a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon as another teaching session gets underway.

Just a note about this Friday’s Children in Need day. You will receive a letter about it tomorrow, but it will be a non-uniform day with a donation of £1 to go to Children in Need.