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Sports Day 2017

In glorious sunshine and with a fantastic atmosphere we all enjoyed our annual sports day again this afternoon. Our choice of a May date didn’t let us down, with warm temperatures and just enough cloud to keep the children covered whilst they took part in a day full of sporting fun. This morning was all about working as a team, with our professional sports coach Mr Kiely leading a wonderful carousel of activities for the children to enjoy. Our fabulous staff ensured that the children remained in the shade when not taking part and with plenty of jugs of water on hand, everyone was able to enjoy their time outside safely.

After an indoor lunch to cool down it was down to the business of the track races. We always look forward to this day as it gives everyone the opportunity to have a go and enjoy themselves without the need for competitive pressure; just plenty of traditional, old fashioned sports day races with plenty of cheering and a sticker at the end to say a huge well done. There really was plenty of cheering today too, as we had a record turnout from our amazing parent community, with so many people having given up their time to come along and support their children. We are always so incredibly grateful for this and it is testament, once again, to the superb communtiy spirit that exists in Westwood.

Thank you all so much for a perfect afternoon full of fun, laughter and the opportunity to watch our wonderful children enjoying themselves and making memories.

Here are some photos of our afternoon together. Please enjoy:

What a wonderful few days!

After a busy few days in school, so busy in fact that I haven’t even had time to blog about them (!) I felt that I must record the exciting things that we have been doing.

Back to last Friday and the children in Thistle and Clover Class were lucky to be visited by renowned and popular local author Maudie Smith. Maudie treated the children to a fantastic session, discussing her new book, ‘All the King’s Tights’ and everyone loved listening to her talk and learnt so much about being an author. The children were also able to look forward to the Westwood Scarecrow Trail, which starts this weekend as Maudie led the children through a lovely creative session. HUGE thanks to Maudie for giving up her time and I know that the children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed their morning. The Wiltshire Times visited us during the morning and there is currently an article online here: Maudie and the children in the Wiltshire Times

Here are the children with Maudie having a great time

Friday also saw our second group of podcasters recording the news and excitement of last week in school. Writing their own scripts and with a first chance to get behind the microphone, the children showed a huge amount of resilience, confidence and professionalism, recording our 5 minute podcast in almost one take! Well done everyone, you have already received a good number of plays and in case you haven’t yet had a chance to listen, here are our Year 6 broadcasters in action. I was so proud of all of them – they are all so committed commitment.
podcast group 2

Sports Day
Monday saw our annual Sports Day and it was another day full of fun and celebration. In the morning the children worked in mixed age groups to enjoy a sports carousel with our specialist teacher, Mr Kiely and the staff. In the afternoon and wonderfully supported as always by our parent community, there was the full range of traditional races, from flat races, to hoop races, egg and spoon and even a relay; yesterday had it all. There was even a chance for the adults to shine, with a mums race, dads race and even a staff egg and spoon race to round off proceedings. Thank you all so very much for joining us in the sunshine and enjoying another super afternoon at our school. It was a lovely village occasion. As always, the children will tell their story of yesterday superbly in photographs. Here they are:

Sports Day 2015

Once again we kept everything crossed for Sports day take 2, as our original attempt back in May was rained off! The children had been practising so hard and with many people taking time to join us for the afternoon, we wanted to try and go ahead, so, with a sharp intake of breath and a ‘Go For It’ approach we did and what a fun afternoon we had. Children across the school gave their very best to every race and we even had mums, dads, toddlers and a staff egg and spoon race to finish. Once again, my sincere thanks to all who came and made the occasion so special. Here are some photos of the event…

What a couple of weeks!

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of content recently. Life at school has been remarkably busy, full of fun and time seems to have just flown by!

It seems a long time ago now, but we had a super sponsored skip day, taking many of us back to playgrounds of our youth and reminding us just how hard it is to skip with a rope! Here are some photos (I’m not sure how I made it into so many!) of the real experts (the children) in action:

Sponsored Skip day on PhotoPeach

As always, the children and staff have all been working incredibly hard. The Year 6 children made us all proud last week with the effort and commitment that they put into their SATs assessments. It’s never easy to be asked to sit a test paper and with a super breakfast club to start the day and plenty of encouragement for each other and smiles, everyone seemed to come through having given everything they possible could. That is all we can ever ask of anyone.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Bradford on Avon schools cluster swimming gala. Organised by Mrs Hannam and Mrs Purkiss, it was the ideal end to the week and made me feel incredibly proud to be head teacher of our school. So many of our brilliant children took part, tried so very hard and swam so confidently. Well done to everyone who took part and to all the mums and dads who supported them so well from the poolside. We may not have won the gala, but we had the strongest support!

Monday was my first sports day at Westwood school and what an enjoyable occasion it was. the sun shone, a crowd of thousands attended and it could easily have been London 2012 all over again! With a blend of traditional races, fun, laughter and plenty of dropped eggs and falling over in sacks, it was a morning to remember. Thank you to those of you who took part and even raced down the infamous Westwood track! Here are a few reminders of the day,..

Westwood Sports Day 2014 on PhotoPeach

Finally, last night we held our first parent’s maths meeting led by Mr Bennett, our maths subject leader. From the feedback I have received, it was an enjoyable evening and particularly useful. Thank you to those of you who took the time to come and if you were unable to come, we will be holding further events like these in the future – look out for the Reading parent’s meeting in Term 6 and more maths meetings early next year. Mr Bennett has put all of the materials we discussed on the website for your reference. There are some great ideas for helping your child at home on there.

I can barely believe that this blog is now past its 2000th visit! Thank you for coming back to read my thoughts from time to time. I will try to keep more up to date with it. I felt such a milestone deserved a lengthy catch-up entry…