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Mother’s Monday 2018

One of the stand out days in our school calendar is when we are able to invite our mums and special people in for Mother’s Monday. It takes place the Monday immediately after Mothering Sunday and is an extension of the celebration where we open the school to mums and special people for the day so that they can come into school and share the learning and enjoyment of a school day with their children.

It was a real delight yesterday to see how many people had given their time to come into school and be a part of another magical day. Linked with an international day, each class focused on a country and learnt all about that country as part of their activities.  We visited Antarctica, Kenya, France and even took part on a Mystery Skype with a class from Ireland! With everyone joining in at playtime, eating lunch with the children and spending as much time as they could in class, it was wonderful to see the school so full and buzzing with excitement.

Thank you so much to everyone who made arrangements to be here yesterday, it was a pleasure to welcome you into school. Next stop, Father’s Friday!

Here are some photos of our fabulous day together:

Mother’s Monday 2017

What a lovely day we all had on Monday, when we welcomed our mums and special people into school to celebrate Mother’s Monday with us. Before school had even started we had mums in the radio studio to join our radio club with their first ever live broadcast online for the Mother’s Monday Breakfast Show. The children did an amazing job and were so confident and Mrs Batten, Mrs Caston and Mrs Mavridis were superb on the weather, giving us all the information we needed for the week ahead!

Here is the show in full from yesterday with photos:

Our school day then began with a whole school assembly, including a special story and a song just for our mums and then everyone was invited to join their children in class for a day of learning. It was fantastic to see how many mums had taken time out of their busy schedules to come into school and the hall was packed!

Each class had planned a fun filled day, including science experiments, aboriginal art, poster making and even a live link up with Australia to learn more about the country and culture. As I walked around school it was wonderful to see how everyone got so much into the spirit of the day and the warm and positive atmosphere that existed made me very proud indeed. Even at playtime and lunchtime there were mums everywhere joining in with fun and games and even eating their lunch in the dinner hall.

My huge thanks to all of our lovely mums who all came and joined in with the festivities and fun of Mother’s Monday and who made it such a super day. Also, a big thank you to our staff for their hard work in planning and preparing such a plethora of interesting and engaging activities for everyone to enjoy. Another fabulous community day!

Here are some photos of all the fun

Mother’s Monday

Today in school we celebrated our third consecutive Mother’s Monday where we invite our mums, grandmas, aunties and special people into school to share our learning. After a Mathletics Monday assembly to start things off,  it was, once again, a really lovely day with so many of our parents taking time from their busy schedules to spend time in school learning with their children. From paper mache’ bowls to reconstructing scaled down cardboard skeletons from design and technology projects to phonics, everyone was fully immersed in a thoroughly enjoyable day. Even the weather was on our side, allowing mums to join in their children’s games on the field and with the PlayPod at lunchtime after a satisfying school meal with the children in the hall.

I took time to walk around the school on a number of occasions today to see the many parents who had joined us and the sense of community and atmosphere of fun and enjoyment was clear. A huge thank you to everybody who joined us today, I really hope that it was an extension of your Mothering Sunday and that you enjoyed being with us as much as we loved having you.

Here is the day in pictures:

Mother’s Monday

Today was Mother’s Monday in school, where the children were able to invite their mums and significant females in to share their learning and a fun day in school after Mother’s day yesterday. What a lovely day it was! Walking around school I saw cookery, flow chart creation, weaving and lots and lots of our mums having some serious fun! I do think that this year we had even more people in school than last year, so thank you for joining us and for making the day so special. It was a real pleasure to be able to remind you all of how special you are to the children and to thank you for all you do for them. Here are some photos of the day. Enjoy…

What a week so far!

It really has been…On Monday we had our very first Mother’s Monday and it was so lovely to see so many mums and grandmas join us for the day. Assembly was packed and I really enjoyed sharing a special Mother’s day story with everyone. Then it was off to the classrooms for everyone to take part in  the learning on offer and enjoy being back in school again! It was great to walk around school and see everyone so involved. I had the pleasure of being on duty on Monday too and seeing mums running around our field, playing football and joining in the fun was exactly what the day was all about. Some mums even stayed for lunch and then in the afternoon more of our mums and grandmas came to school, so by the end of the day I feel that we had all enjoyed a very special day.

But there’s so much more… on Monday afternoon our supserstar dancers all set off on the coach to the Wyvern theatre in Swindon where they had made it to the regional heats of the Great Big Dance Off. With 600 audience members and a big stage to fill, everyone danced superbly, with rocking rhythm, tight timing and excellent expression and enjoyment. I can honestly say that I am immensely proud of everyone who took part and they should all feel that they represented the school in such a brilliant way.

Then…on Monday night, when I found out, I was so  pleased for Orchid Class, whose performance of POWER and top 6 finish has danced them into the FINAL in Oxford in June. What an amazing achievement for us as a school when up against other, bigger schools. This really will put Westwood school on the map and will be an experience that we can all enjoy sharing with the children as they get closer to the big day. Well done everyone!!

I must say an enormous thank you to Karen Hobson whose incredible efforts to teach the dancers, organise costumes, enter the dances and prepare the children for an experience of a lifetime was just spectacular.

Just a small reminder that I am hosting Tea with the Head after school on Friday. The usual home made cake, tea, coffee and biscuits will be on offer, along with informal chat and a fun way to end the term.  You are all very welcome to join me to round off the term.