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Maths Day

Today we all had a fantastic afternoon with maths. From board games to basketball shooting and counting to treasure hunts to being Times Tables Rock Stars, the school was alive with fun, excitement and tremendous learning. Well done everyone, you all worked really hard.

Here are some children describing their maths day in their own words:

What a couple of weeks!

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of content recently. Life at school has been remarkably busy, full of fun and time seems to have just flown by!

It seems a long time ago now, but we had a super sponsored skip day, taking many of us back to playgrounds of our youth and reminding us just how hard it is to skip with a rope! Here are some photos (I’m not sure how I made it into so many!) of the real experts (the children) in action:

Sponsored Skip day on PhotoPeach

As always, the children and staff have all been working incredibly hard. The Year 6 children made us all proud last week with the effort and commitment that they put into their SATs assessments. It’s never easy to be asked to sit a test paper and with a super breakfast club to start the day and plenty of encouragement for each other and smiles, everyone seemed to come through having given everything they possible could. That is all we can ever ask of anyone.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Bradford on Avon schools cluster swimming gala. Organised by Mrs Hannam and Mrs Purkiss, it was the ideal end to the week and made me feel incredibly proud to be head teacher of our school. So many of our brilliant children took part, tried so very hard and swam so confidently. Well done to everyone who took part and to all the mums and dads who supported them so well from the poolside. We may not have won the gala, but we had the strongest support!

Monday was my first sports day at Westwood school and what an enjoyable occasion it was. the sun shone, a crowd of thousands attended and it could easily have been London 2012 all over again! With a blend of traditional races, fun, laughter and plenty of dropped eggs and falling over in sacks, it was a morning to remember. Thank you to those of you who took part and even raced down the infamous Westwood track! Here are a few reminders of the day,..

Westwood Sports Day 2014 on PhotoPeach

Finally, last night we held our first parent’s maths meeting led by Mr Bennett, our maths subject leader. From the feedback I have received, it was an enjoyable evening and particularly useful. Thank you to those of you who took the time to come and if you were unable to come, we will be holding further events like these in the future – look out for the Reading parent’s meeting in Term 6 and more maths meetings early next year. Mr Bennett has put all of the materials we discussed on the website for your reference. There are some great ideas for helping your child at home on there.

I can barely believe that this blog is now past its 2000th visit! Thank you for coming back to read my thoughts from time to time. I will try to keep more up to date with it. I felt such a milestone deserved a lengthy catch-up entry…

Subtraction to spatial awareness

That’s the diversity of learning you could and indeed I did, see on a walk around school earlier this morning. In Thistle class, the children have been fascinated by the story of Mary Anning a famous historical paleontologist.  Google her, she’s really interesting! Clover class have used blank number lines to successfully practice their subtraction whilst Lotus class were working on their spatial awareness and coordination. I watched and immediately thought I’d have to concentrate a lot!

In Orchid class, the children have been planning their quests for writing about them later in the week. Loads of great and original ideas, so I know that the writing will be of high quality. I’d better go and prepare for some teaching in Lotus class this afternoon. It’s ICT and I can’t wait…

Mathematical Marvels

I always seem to manage to see the majority of the curriculum throughout the week on my walks around school. This morning I was showing a prospective parent around, as I often do and I was pleased to see how well the children were approaching their maths learning. In Clover class it was doubling and it happens to be Wednesday, so we renamed it doubling Wednesday (!) The children were learning strategies for just that – doubling numbers. I always like to ask everyone what they are learning and the children are always so enthusiastic to tell me. Great!

In Orchid class, multiplication was the order of the day and it was very Year 5/6. Some good strategies being employed and positive learning taking place to tackle some tricky problems. The children really are learning to challenge themselves and know more of what they need to learn next.

Now as I sit here typing this, Thistle class are in the hall with Mrs Hobson learning a new dance routine to a song that I haven’t heard for quite a few years! As always, the enthusiasm and commitment from them is very high energy. This is why it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside; inside the learning is always enjoyable, fun and progressive.

If you fancy popping over to westwoodwriters.schoolblogs.org and having a go at this week’s writing prompt with your children, please do. Or maybe the 100 word challenge appeals to your creative nature? You will find the link in the sidebar of this blog. Happy writing!

1000 Hits!

Thank you, I am staggered at how often my blog gets read. I do enjoy writing about what happens each day and I am glad that you are enjoying reading it.

At the weekend I put up my trees and decorations at home, so I was feeling generally festive coming in this morning. After a good assembly with the children in which we looked at our new advent ring and discussed its significance, everyone settled down to their usual focused learning. As usual, the diversity of learning that takes place in a typical day is quite enlightening and I enjoyed finding out about it from the children when I shared a crisp, but very pleasant playground duty with them.

This afternoon has been very busy – piano lessons in the entrance hall, performance practice in the hall (if you haven’t yet got your tickets, please do, as it sounds incredible!) and fractions and money in Lotus and Orchid class. Quite a bit of head scratching going on, converting fractions to decimals, but a high level of engagement and learning taking place.

With only 9 school days left now until Christmas, there always seems so much excitement left to fit in – Christmas lunch, parties, tea and mince pies with the head……what fun…

When you know you’ve made an impact

A very busy last couple of days has meant that I haven’t been able to add as much as I would normally. I do have to share this, though…My Monday assemblies this term have been focusing on cooperation, with some good discussion had between myself and the children and many examples to be seen throughout the school at all times of the day.

With that in mind, I had one of those moments which takes you by surprise and makes you smile when I visited one of our classes yesterday, but I won’t say which. I asked two children what they were learning, as I always do and one of them looked up confidently and told me that they were problem solving but that they had been doing ‘that cooperative thing that you talk about in assembly’! Clearly he had remembered, not only that, he had been working successfully with his partner on some super learning.

I also had the pleasure of watching Clover class practice their dancing this afternoon. Themed on their topic, it is amazing to see how they have picked up a routine so quickly and with such clever coordination. Well done everyone. Hard to believe that we’ve only a day left of this term…

Learning walk

Part of my job each day is to spend time on a learning walk around the school. This gives me the opportunity to find out what the children are learning in each session and to enjoy talking to the children about their learning. It also gives me time to reflect on the diversity of the learning that is taking place.

Today, for example, I saw a group of children in Thistle class successfully working with money to make amounts in different ways – not an easy task, ask any KS1 teacher! Clover class were working with the other perennial stumbling block, time, not that you would know it. Their progress from yesterday is marked in their recognition of quarter past and half past. Orchid class were being amazing mathematicians with square and prime numbers – do ask them for examples when they get home! Lotus class were using punctuation today to highlight speech in their writing. As a school we have been using what we call ‘rainbow writing’ to identify punctuation, initially, in our writing. This will help the children with their sentence formation and to raise the standard of their writing overall. Inspired by this, I thought I’d add something interactive – a game all about connectives, if you and your children have a moment. A word of warning though, these are good time wasters so if you have a go on your own, don’t be surprised where the evening goes!

zondle – games to support learning