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And here is the news…

It’s newsletter time again and i thought I’d post my latest piece in case you haven’t had the chance to read it yet and you find yourself here.  I can’t believe it’s the end of the first week again already, but with another great celebration assembly this morning you know it must be nearly the weekend. Well done to those children who were rewarded for their hard work and to everyone who has come back with the same level of commitment and determination to be the best learner they can be. I’m looking forward to this term.

Newsletter No. 12

Welcome back to the second half of our Spring term and I am pleased to say this it does feel a little more Spring like than of late. I do hope that you all had a very pleasant half term with your children.

We are straight back into exciting topics and learning opportunities with the children. Already this week, Lotus class and Orchid class have visited Trowbridge to listen to Michelle Paver; an author; talk and inspire them with their reading and writing. Also this week, Thistle and Clover class have been on a school visit to learn more about their dinosaur topic, which was VERY exciting. Not only that, we have already had an informative and well presented class assembly and we’ve only been back for five days!

Now that we have school meals back at Westwood, they have been very well received with clean plates and happy children. A range of tasty dinners and desserts has meant that our numbers are healthy and lunchtimes have been a sociable occasion, which is something I always looked to do when I arrived, so I am thrilled that it is working so well. Don’t forget, if you would like your child to have a hot dinner, please can you ensure that your order arrives with the office by the Thursday before the week you would like to order them. Thank you.

Can I also say thank you for responding so positively to the letter I wrote before half term about the HASP books in your child’s reading folder. It makes a difference to our time in the mornings if you can leave a note in the HASP book for issues which aren’t urgent, in which case, of course, you are very welcome to talk to myself or the teachers if you feel that it is something we need to know immediately. However, I would hope that most items can be detailed in the HASP books for teachers to respond to, which of course they will.

As a staff we have focused a lot of our time on talking about ways in which we can encourage the children to develop their reading and writing skills, in school, but also at home. Over the next couple of terms we will be concentrating heavily on reading and writing within school and I will be arranging parent meetings to discuss ways in which you can support your child at home, as I believe that an effective home and school partnership will give our children the best possible chance to maximise their potential. In the first instance, can I ask that, where possible, you set some time aside to sit and read with your child, preferably at least three times a week and to use the reading log to record your experiences. Your child will also bring home their homework and they would benefit greatly from some time with you to support them with their writing. By working with your child in this way, you will be both supporting the learning that takes place every day and modelling the fact that learning is fun! Thank you for your continued support.

With this in mind, please remember that Read for my School: http://www.readformyschool.co.uk/ is still going for KS2 children. This is an ideal opportunity to sign up, read free new books and even write a review if they were particularly enjoyable. For the younger (and older) readers, can I also suggest Oxford Owl: http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/reading-owl/find-a-book/library-page. Both are great online resources.

I hope you have a lovely  term and please keep checking the website for up to date events that will be taking place. We will also continue to communicate with you regularly and we always welcome feedback so that we can improve as a school.


Dinosaur alert!

It seems as though Clover class and Thistle class have been taken over by dinosaurs! There is some fantastic learning taking place this afternoon as both classes get stuck into their new dinosaur topic.

In Clover class the children are being extremely creative with paint, pencil and collage to produce images of dinosaurs with lovely concentration and detail. In Thistle class the children are working hard to complete split pin models of dinosaurs, so look out for a T-Rex with moving arms and legs! they are also using ICT to enhance their learning, which I always love to see.

Elsewhere at Westwood this afternoon, Lotus and Orchid class have been learning new dance routines for half the afternoon and developing their knowledge of Judaism for the other.

With the sun out and the wind calmer, the view from my office window looks a lot more settled and peaceful than it did on Monday. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the first week back, but already the children have a lot to show for their learning.

Here is our afternoon in a few photos:

P1090003 P1090004 P1090005 P1090006 P1090007 P1090008 P1090002 P1090001

Thursday in 6 photos

I thought that today I’d try something a little different. As always, I’ve been out around the school talking to the children about their learning, but today I took a camera…
SAM_2792                   SAM_2794                   SAM_2795

Clover class dancing in assembly      Orchid class cross country          Thistle class gymnastics

SAM_2796                   SAM_2797                   SAM_2798

Lotus class RE                             Clover class making biscuits           Pausing to admire Autumn

It’s been a great way to spend a special day.

Back in the classroom

This morning I had the pleasure of being back in the classroom teaching Thistle class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only were the children engaged in their learning, but they were keen to demonstrate what they had been learning recently. We started with a fun phonics lesson and I noticed that already some of the children are beginning to join their handwriting, which is great. Thistle maths today was all about subtraction – not the easiest concept to master when you are young, but the children worked methodically and sensibly, taking advice and building on their learning. English was all about being bossy with our vocabulary to write instructions and I always find it fascinating to see how well children pick up new words and enjoy using them. All in all a very enjoyable morning and a treat to be teaching.

Now, as I sit here temporarily in my office it is beautiful autumn sunshine outside – we do have wonderful grounds – and I can hear some French from Orchid class taking place. Elsewhere children are listening intently and working feverishly on a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon as another teaching session gets underway.

Just a note about this Friday’s Children in Need day. You will receive a letter about it tomorrow, but it will be a non-uniform day with a donation of £1 to go to Children in Need.

Lots to celebrate at Westwood

A very enjoyable morning spent celebrating children’s achievements, both in and out of school, as we have our first celebration assembly. There has been some fantastic learning taking place this week and this was reflected in the awards given to children. We also had many children who had acted responsibly, looked after others or had simply been helpful around school – very important qualities.

I had the pleasure to share in many children’s achievements from outside of school – from awards at flower shows, to reading challenges to sports awards. It was a joy to see so many excited and proud children sharing their hobbies and interests from their own time. I will look forward to what next week brings. The singing was super too – after only just a week!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Westwood gets creative…

Despite the fact that it’s a little on the damp side, the children are being incredibly creative this afternoon. Mrs Hobson is teaching Lotus and Orchid class dance – it’s always amazing to see how quickly children develop coordination in such a short space of time. Trying to stop my toe from tapping when I’m looking at documents is also quite tricky!

In Clover and Thistle class, the height of creativity prevails with the Year 2 children texture printing and the Year 1 children mixing science with art in a super fine motor control activity. All part of their space topic for this term. We were also lucky to be joined by Reverend Joanna for her first assembly today, which the children enjoyed.

A bright start to the year!

It’s lunchtime on a sunny, if slightly chilly Monday and I am reflecting on the fact that we are already at the beginning of week 3. In what has been a very productive two weeks I have had the privilege to lead many enjoyable assemblies, do some teaching and witness many examples of great learning in the classroom. Couple that with the fact that the atmosphere in the school is warm, welcoming and happy, I do believe that we are in for a very good year, which I am looking forward to.

It is lovely to see that the children have settled so quickly, particularly our youngest reception children, who are listening well and enjoying their learning. Our older children have also been setting a super example with their behaviour. Lunchtimes are a little different too, with new benches and tables so that everyone can enjoy a lunch together on one sitting. One of the joys of being a head is that you get to witness the entire perspective of the school, rather than being classroom based. I’m looking forward to welcoming parents to tea on Friday, you are all most welcome.