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Our last link up this year

Today was our last chance to link up with our friends at Georgetown Elementary School, Hudsonville, Michigan, USA in Room 104. Clover class have loved talking to them this year and learning more about their school and what they like to learn.  Sadly they finish for the summer on Friday but we took one last chance to meet up, share our holiday plans and to say good bye. Thank you everyone, we have really enjoyed meeting you and you have been great!

Fantastic International Learning

I had the pleasure of being in class all day today and this afternoon, with Lotus class, we made some lovely new friends in a school in France at the International School of Toulouse. Through the magic of the web, the children were able to talk about their school and local environment and even practice some of their French, which the children in Toulouse thought was really good! Well done everyone, a really fun afternoon and some great learning taking place.

We can’t wait to do it again and my thanks to Miss Ash, the Y2 class teacher for linking up with us.

A VERY international Westwood!

At the end of a wonderful week, I thought I’d spend a few minutes sharing what I’ve enjoyed – we ask the children to do it all the time and they do it so well.

Our Google Hangout session in Clover class with our friends from Georgetown Elementary in Michigan went brilliantly yesterday, giving true meaning to the sense of international learning. The children were able to ask questions and get first hand answers about the weather, climate, locality and the clothes that you would need to live to live in Hudsonville. Without a live video conference, we would have had no way of knowing that they currently have a foot and a half of snow, with Snowmen aplenty dotted around the countryside. It brought it home to me that, as teachers, we try to impart and share knowledge on a daily basis to enrich children’s lives, yet the knowledge we share is often researched in preparation. The value of yesterday’s learning was far and above anything I could have taught the children and they will remember it much more clearly, which is super. I now have some more ideas for connecting classrooms and, of course, each class has their own international link so I am hoping that this will take off to strengthen international links and knowledge. HUGE thanks to Mrs Woodring and Room 104 for their time, laughter, fun and good conversation yesterday. I know it will happen again.

Here is an extract from some of our Google Hangout with Room 104:

I also happened to be having a wander around school this afternoon and I saw the progress and development in Lotus class’ electricity skills and understanding. i was with them earlier in the week and it was great to see how independently they were working with circuits, looking at fair testing and challenging their thinking. I also saw some fabulous writing in Thistle class from today’s Big Write. Considering that this was from our very youngest children, I was very proud. Continuing the theme in Clover class, the children got the opportunity to dress up in clothes from around the world which made for a very hands-on learning experience which they clearly enjoyed.  I’m looking forward to Monday when I get to teach in Orchid class again, which I haven’t for a while. Everyone in and around school has worked so hard this week, it has been a pleasure to see and is a reminder of the wonderful community we have at our school.

Have a great weekend everyone!