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IPC learning in full flow

What a busy Westwood week it has been! With the introduction of new topics from the International Primary Curriculum there has been a lot of excitement around school this week and I was able to celebrate much of that in assembly this morning. Despite the fact that we have only been back 4 days, there was a lot to celebrate, too, as there always is.

I always feel that into the Spring term the children grow in confidence, not only in their ability, but also in themselves as people and that has been particularly evident his past few days. In Clover classroom yesterday, I had the pleasure of recording the Thistle/Clover class collaboration of their ‘Clothes show’ spectacular. With a new topic of ‘All Dressed Up’, the children were asked to bring a teddy for their entry point, not knowing why and spent the day designing, making and modelling their teddies dressed in the outfits that they had created. Such good fun, a lot of learning taking place and some great catwalks by the children and their teddies. Today both classes are discussing their knowledge harvest – what do we know already about clothes and what do we want to know? Later in the term they will revisit this discussion to see how many of the questions have been answered. For a fun look at what happened yesterday, please visit thistle.westwoodblogs.org or clover.westwoodblogs.org.

In Lotus class a new topic of Electricity is well underway and I know that this afternoon they will be making circuits and testing them out. Already, there is plenty to see on their class blog lotus.westwoodblogs.org and the children are immersed in their new learning. In Orchid class a topic of ‘They See the World Like This’, a creative and artistic unit of work beginning with an in depth view of the children’s host, i.e. their own country. Again, please keep up to date with what they are learning at orchid.westwoodblogs.org. All of the children are very excited and I hope they will share their learning with you at home. Please ask them about it and if you need any support, the Class & Curriculum tab of our school website will tell you everything that they will be learning this year.

I hope that gives you a flavour of what we are working on in school at the start of our new term. If you feel that you would like to support us by sharing books with children or helping out, please pop into the office, we are always looking for volunteers.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Returning to childhood in a digital age…

For those of us of a certain age, the World Cup and Panini sticker albums were synonymous with swapping stacks of doubled stickers, trying to complete the album before the tournament ended and then sending off (by post!) for those last few.

Of course there is a Panini sticker album for the current world cup, but I thought I’d share what I’ve found to be mildly exciting and nostalgic the last couple of weeks. If you point your mouse to en.stickeralbum.fifa.com, there is, wait for it…an online Panini sticker album you can complete, complete with swaps, world cup quizzes and plenty of other distractions. With a quick signup to Fifa.com you are in with a username and going back 30 years, or at least I was…Now back to work!
panini online

Wet and rainy Monday, but a trip down memory lane

As I was on duty this morning in a blustery and extremely autumnal playground – good fun, leaves everywhere and VERY excited children running around – it reminded me of when I was at primary school (many years ago!). That feeling of being able to run blindly outside after some learning to see your friends, make up a game, fall out, fall back in again and to generally just be a child. Although my memory serves me less efficiently than it used to, I still remember the excitement of being able to just play.
It was a joy to see children doing just that in all corners of our playground, from the reception children who are still finding their way into a new school, to the Year 6 boys playing a game of handball to the pockets of children in-between who were just happy to have a chat and catch up. All on a slightly colder and very damp piece of tarmac which for most of the day sits unused, but springs to life at 10.30 in the morning, when happy children play their games and make their fun. If ever proof were needed of the importance for children to hold onto their childhood, this was it.

Another fine Friday…

…not the weather, but the activity within school more than made up for it. There was so much to celebrate in assembly this morning, with some super examples of great learning and many, many people who had been kind and considerate to their friends in the past week. This week we also had a great range of achievements from outside school, from bell ringing to karate to dressage and our ever popular Westwood dancer of the week.
Here are some of our children who have worked particularly hard this past week:

Certificates 2                  Certificates 1

We have also been extremely lucky to be visited by Major Oli Dinnis from the Royal Signals today. Children in KS2 were treated to a presentation and discussion about life as a communications engineer, which fits in perfectly with their topic for this term. Elsewhere in the school there has been brilliant singing in Clover class and Thistle class has been a hive of activity. All of this after a serene and extremely productive Big Write this morning. No wonder everyone is tired!

Have a great weekend everybody.