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Esafety evening

Thank you to those of you who attended our annual esafety briefing this evening. I hope you found it useful and it is always an important issue to discuss.

In a world dominated by the internet and having an online presence, where a plethora of mobile devices, all internet ready are scattered around our houses, it is as important as ever to understand the need to protect our children from the pitfalls and dangers of venturing into unknown online territories. The web is a fantastic resource and I am a true advocate of it’s use to promote and support learning and to develop skills in order to prepare for the world of work, where a technological awareness is vital.

Tonight’s meeting addressed those benefits and dangers and you can find the presentation on the school website HERE. You will also notice a wealth of online learning material to support your child, and documents to support you in helping your child to stay safe online. Paper copies can also be found outside the office and copies of Digital Parenting magazine are also available; please ask as I have plenty!

Please keep an eye on the calendar for further parent meetings as I do try to offer what people are asking for so that we can develop a strong and purposeful Home-School Learning Partnership.

Safer Internet Day

It makes a nice change to be able to look out of my office window and see sunlight for a change! With so much rain everywhere, the ground has been sodden, but it hasn’t stopped our Reception children in their outdoor learning! As ever, fully coated and booted, they have been out exploring our wonderful grounds and developing new ideas.

Today is safer Internet day and I spoke to the children in assembly this morning about creating a better internet for us all. The children were fully attentive and offered some good discussion points, which we explored as a whole school. The main message I was trying to convey was to keep ourselves safe online by not sharing personal information, treating each other with respect, but above all else, to use the internet safely as the  incredible resource that it is, exploring how we can be creative online.

I am working on an esafety page on the school website and i will add the presentation from today’s assembly, along with that of the parent’s esafety meeting a while ago. You will also find parent resources to help your child make the internet a better place here too.