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The end of another fantastic week

I really enjoy my job and one of the things that I find most fun is the diversity that each day brings. This week was a really good example of how we can cram so much exciting and engaging learning into five days. Combine that with visits from members of our local community and a sprinkling of innovation and there we have a great week.

Straight off the blocks on Monday morning, Clover and Thistle class were lucky enough to be visited by Jayne Gibbons, a practicing vet, as part of their ‘People who help us topic’ With really super listening and some great questioning, the children learnt so much from the session and were able to leave with a real understanding of what Jayne’s job involves and how hard she works to look after animals each day. Then on Wednesday Steve Riddle from Wiltshire Air Ambulance visited us to give us a brilliant insight into his job and how he spends his days up in the Air Ambulance, speeding to casualties to help them. As a paramedic he enthralled the children with his presentation and discussion and it was another fascinating and wonderful opportunity for the children to learn about people who help us. Here are some photos of Steve with the children:

This week also saw a fabulous cake sale by our brilliant School Council, which raised nearly £70. Thank you all so much for coming along and for your generosity in supporting the children who worked hard to make cakes and put on the event. The first school disco of the year was also held this week by our amazing FoWs and raised over £270 for our school, which is tremendous. With such a large turnout from our children and Stuart on top form once again on the decks, it was another evening to remember at Westwood school! I must also say an enormous thank you to you all for you kindness and generosity in supporting our Harvest celebrations this week. You donated in your bag loads, all of which will be going straight to Storehouse Foodbank in Trowbridge to provide short term help for families who are less fortunate. It is such a strong reminder of what a thoughtful and supportive community you are and we belong to as a school, thank you.

So finally to the innovation side of the week, with a live broadcast to the school from our team at Westwood Radio. I am incredibly proud of this innovative project we have embarked on to connect with the community and from next Friday we will be live online, bringing school, community and local news to you via our online radio station. You can already listen to our previous shows on radio.westwoodwithiford.org but if you are around at 2.30pm next Friday, please join in the fun of our first online live broadcast. You can email the show on radio@westwoodwithiford.org and you can even text us on 078600 17404. We will include shout outs and emails during the show, so please get involved – the children would love to hear from you. This will take place every week from now on during term time and we will be looking to involve as many people as we can in our broadcasts, providing content that will appeal to all. Here are some photos of last Friday’s show:

With one more week until half term, I can hardly believe where this term has gone. Tea with the Head is on Friday with the usual fun and beverages, so please join me for a cuppa and a chat. See you there!

A day of ICT conferencing

Every now and again I manage to attend a conference and some are always better than others. Today I attended the West of England ICT conference in Bristol and came away feeling inspired. With the new computing curriculum about to become compulsory in September and a real shift more towards the coding elements, today was about listening to experts in their field and to discuss some thoughts I’ve already had in preparation for the new academic year.

Our first keynote speaker was Andrea Carr, managing director of Rising Stars, who I managed to meet up with later in the day. You may well recognise the brand as these are the fantastic and wonderfully presented exercise books that the Year 5 and 6 children have been working with since the Spring term. I wanted to pass on our feedback and thanks to Andrea as these have undoubtedly had a huge impact on the children’s learning and have helped raise standards significantly by complimenting the teaching and learning in class.

I also went to see David Mitchell, a blogging specialist and inspiration who has used blogging as a means of digital literacy and, again, has seen this result in significant gains in writing. As I have been blogging myself for a few years and have followed him on twitter @deputymitchell, I was keen to bring away some more ideas to use in school, which I undoubtedly have,

With so much information on exciting ways to code with the children and to make ICT, or Computing, as it will now be, exciting and accessible, it was one of those days that I am so glad I had and can see such potential for our children in September.

Then, of course, it was straight back to the end of year disco and what better way to see the night out than watching the children having such a fantastic time dancing, singing and getting incredibly hot with resident DJ Stuart at the helm. It’s a great job being a head…