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West Wilts Dance Festival

Last night was another opportunity to be so incredibly proud of our children that I was smiling from ear to ear all evening!  Once again, children from Orchid class took part in the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Bath Forum. Having been expertly trained by Karen Hobson, who had put together a superb and exciting routine, the children took to the stage second in proceedings. That on it’s own is a good reason to be both proud and appreciative of the children’s  confidence as the Bath Forum is a venue that regularly hosts major events and seats an audience of hundreds. Yet here were the children dominating the stage and dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, all dressed in authentic American military costume of the period and not missing a beat. The performance was both spellbinding and electric, drawing an enormous cheer from the audience, which was so very well deserved.

Having been just second in the running order, the children could then relax and enjoy the rest of the show, but I know from listening to other schools and talking to colleagues who I saw there that Orchid class’ performance and impact had set the standard. What was so lovely, though, was the huge cheer from the entire audience that the children received as they saluted in the finale.

My sincere thanks go to Karen for organising, resourcing, planning and choreographing a spectacular routine that brought the house down and to the children for entertaining, showing such confidence and for representing our school so brilliantly. I was proud of every one of you. Thank you for a great evening out!

Here is the video of the children’s rehearsal earlier in the day – recording was strictly not permitted last night.

Mathematical Marvels

I always seem to manage to see the majority of the curriculum throughout the week on my walks around school. This morning I was showing a prospective parent around, as I often do and I was pleased to see how well the children were approaching their maths learning. In Clover class it was doubling and it happens to be Wednesday, so we renamed it doubling Wednesday (!) The children were learning strategies for just that – doubling numbers. I always like to ask everyone what they are learning and the children are always so enthusiastic to tell me. Great!

In Orchid class, multiplication was the order of the day and it was very Year 5/6. Some good strategies being employed and positive learning taking place to tackle some tricky problems. The children really are learning to challenge themselves and know more of what they need to learn next.

Now as I sit here typing this, Thistle class are in the hall with Mrs Hobson learning a new dance routine to a song that I haven’t heard for quite a few years! As always, the enthusiasm and commitment from them is very high energy. This is why it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside; inside the learning is always enjoyable, fun and progressive.

If you fancy popping over to westwoodwriters.schoolblogs.org and having a go at this week’s writing prompt with your children, please do. Or maybe the 100 word challenge appeals to your creative nature? You will find the link in the sidebar of this blog. Happy writing!

Thursday in 6 photos

I thought that today I’d try something a little different. As always, I’ve been out around the school talking to the children about their learning, but today I took a camera…
SAM_2792                   SAM_2794                   SAM_2795

Clover class dancing in assembly      Orchid class cross country          Thistle class gymnastics

SAM_2796                   SAM_2797                   SAM_2798

Lotus class RE                             Clover class making biscuits           Pausing to admire Autumn

It’s been a great way to spend a special day.

When you know you’ve made an impact

A very busy last couple of days has meant that I haven’t been able to add as much as I would normally. I do have to share this, though…My Monday assemblies this term have been focusing on cooperation, with some good discussion had between myself and the children and many examples to be seen throughout the school at all times of the day.

With that in mind, I had one of those moments which takes you by surprise and makes you smile when I visited one of our classes yesterday, but I won’t say which. I asked two children what they were learning, as I always do and one of them looked up confidently and told me that they were problem solving but that they had been doing ‘that cooperative thing that you talk about in assembly’! Clearly he had remembered, not only that, he had been working successfully with his partner on some super learning.

I also had the pleasure of watching Clover class practice their dancing this afternoon. Themed on their topic, it is amazing to see how they have picked up a routine so quickly and with such clever coordination. Well done everyone. Hard to believe that we’ve only a day left of this term…

An exciting 24 hours…

…it most certainly has been. This time last night I was learning some moves from the Year 5 and 6 children at the brilliant FoWs disco. Stuart worked the crowd well on the decks and Philly, Jo, Karen and the FoWs team once again did a fantastic job at organising such a fun event, thank you to you all.

The children certainly enjoyed it and I wasn’t a bit surprised to see some of them a little jaded this morning. Not that you would know it as we had a very special performance in celebration assembly from Orchid class and dance club who have all been working hard with Mrs Hobson to learn some complex dance routines. Bags of energy, perfect timing and so many huge smiles, it made me very proud, not to mention the large audience of parents and friends that were in attendance. Thank you to you all for coming and making it a memorable morning for us all. Add to that some wonderful Big Writing and a fun and very varied afternoon throughout the school, today has been a great end to a lovely week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Outdoor learning in the rain

One of the best things about my job is the variety that it affords. This morning I had the pleasure of joining a Thistle class welly walk. A timely email from Mrs Cook last night ensured that I had my wellies and waterproof in the car…and did I need them! Great outdoor learning in the rain made it all the more fun and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring doing words.

From a damp, but enjoyable walk with Thistle class to a session of paperwork to watching a talented dance session in the hall this afternoon. Once again Mrs Hobson was leading our KS1 children and they loved it! Some great tunes and inspiring moves made for a lesson where the children all left excited and wanting more. To top it all, the sun came out this afternoon to brighten the end of the day when I managed to catch some seriously good golfing in the hall during after school club. Don’t be surprised to see some of our children in the Ryder cup in future…

A dull day brightened

It certainly has been. Despite the appalling weather outside, inside it has been a super day. We had our open morning this morning and, whilst not attended by thousands, we had a good number of people looking around in what was a calm and purposeful atmosphere, which did not go unnoticed.

This afternoon has been a splash of colour in KS1, with Clover and Thistle class blow painting and printing and drawing and sculpting, respectively. There’s always a danger with blow painting that it can go the wrong way. Thankfully not today! In KS2 the children have been jiving and all I can say is watch out strictly in about 20 years time. Luckily we had Mrs Batten on hand to record it for posterity on film (well ,not really – on digital, but film sounded more retro).

Tomorrow is another celebration assembly, which I am looking forward to and we can unveil our new attendance and achievement trophies…