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Dinosaur alert!

It seems as though Clover class and Thistle class have been taken over by dinosaurs! There is some fantastic learning taking place this afternoon as both classes get stuck into their new dinosaur topic.

In Clover class the children are being extremely creative with paint, pencil and collage to produce images of dinosaurs with lovely concentration and detail. In Thistle class the children are working hard to complete split pin models of dinosaurs, so look out for a T-Rex with moving arms and legs! they are also using ICT to enhance their learning, which I always love to see.

Elsewhere at Westwood this afternoon, Lotus and Orchid class have been learning new dance routines for half the afternoon and developing their knowledge of Judaism for the other.

With the sun out and the wind calmer, the view from my office window looks a lot more settled and peaceful than it did on Monday. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the first week back, but already the children have a lot to show for their learning.

Here is our afternoon in a few photos:

P1090003 P1090004 P1090005 P1090006 P1090007 P1090008 P1090002 P1090001

Ice and the blitz!

After a thoroughly enjoyable day teaching in Clover class yesterday, full of five sentence challenges, problem solving , dissolving investigations and so much amazing learning,  today has been a little quieter, but I had to share some pictures of my walk around school.

With Clover class and Orchid class at @Bristol on their trips, I wandered into Thistle class to be greeted with this:


Four of our girls exploring the touch and feel of ice! hands-on learning at it’s very best and they were clearly having a wonderful, if slightly chilly, time. Brilliant.

Next stop was Lotus class where  artistic talents were on show as the children created their own blitz pictures. Highly engaged, the children were taking great care to produce their best work and it looked very effective. i will look forward to seeing those up on the wall somewhere. here they are in action:

IMG_3659 IMG_3660

100 word challenge

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching Orchid class and one of the activities that we did was a 100 word challenge. These I have always found as an excellent way to develop literacy skills and use of vocabulary as you literally only have 100 words plus the prompt in which to be creative, descriptive and generally very clever. As Orchid class have been learning about World War 2 this term, I began the session with nothing more than turning out the lights, asking the children to imagine hearing this for real and creating an image in their minds:

Afterwards we briefly discussed what an air raid siren was for and the children then had the following prompt on which to base their 100 words: …as the bombs dropped…

I was very impressed with the responses and ideas to this. I had a go myself and promised the children I’d upload it, but it was not a patch on theirs. Well done everyone.

Bombs at dawn

I woke with a start. The deafening crash of next door’s roof startled me and I sat bolt upright. Outside in the dusky dawn i could hear voices, terror, panic as villagers ran for their shelters. As the bombs dropped I gathered my worldly possessions into a knotted handkerchief and took a long look at my room, wondering if it would be the same again. Carefully picking my way through the desecration, I held on tightly to my dad’s hand, terrified to let go. Number 28 next door was just a pile of bricks. Mr Rogers sat nearby, sobbing. His life ruined.

If you fancy having a go at any more of these, please visit 100wc.net, there are loads to inspire your imagination.