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More fun in the classroom

This week I have been back teaching the children and yesterday I enjoyed watching Orchid class having fun with their learning in my computing session. Their new unit of work is ‘We are Cryptographers’ and we began this jump into the world of espionage and coded messages with a look at how semaphore was used to send messages over distance. What a lot of fun we had and it wasn’t all that easy either! Here are some great shots of brilliant learning in action. Watch this space as there is definitely more to come!

Christmas Coding Fun!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas break. If you do happen to stop by, I have been working on a Scratch project I found in a Raspberry Pi magazine I got just before Christmas and have been practising my coding skills on my Pi Zero – a tiny brand new computer which is ideal for schools!

Have fun playing – we have all been enjoying learning about Tim Peake and his fantastic mission to the ISS and this is just right for taking a few minutes away from normal life. Just press the space bar when Tim asks you to and test your reaction time. Could you make it as an astronaut? It will also calculate how far the ISS has travelled in the time it takes you to react. Good luck!