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Party time…

Judging by the sounds of Mr Bennett mixing the Christmas tunes, accompanied by the cheers and whoops of happy partygoers, today’s party for Lotus and Orchid class was a huge success.

With plenty of lovely food, good cheer and the perfect blend of games and singing, key stage 2 children were treated to the afternoon that they deserved after working so hard this term. It was so good to see children being children in their school environment and having such a fantastic time. Thank you to all of you for providing the food and I hope that our children enjoy tomorrow’s Christmas lunch just as much. I can’t believe we only have two and a half days left. Are you ready for Christmas…?

The Snow Child and Christmas Jumper day!

What a 24 hours at Westwood we have had with Thistle and Clover class treating us all to ¬†incredible performances of The Snow Child. Brilliantly masterminded, cast and directed by Mrs Cook and Mrs Hannam, this year’s performance had everything – amazing acting, delightful dancing, superb speaking and spine-tingling singing. I was so proud of our children and I know that so many of you who came were rightly proud of them too. They have all worked so hard and deserve every accolade for providing us with a magical start to our Christmas.

I would also like to thank Mrs Purkiss, Ms Brown and Mrs Alty for their tireless work behind the scenes making scenery, tying head dresses, cueing music, making sure children were in the right place and for just generally being super organised. Thank you too, as parents, for your support with costume making and for coming to support the school as you always do and in such tremendous numbers. This year’s performance was certainly one to remember. I have added a lovely comment I received from a parent. Please feel free to give your opinion as well.

So today was Christmas jumper day and we all looked fabulously like Mr Darcy from Bridget Jones, which was great! The children loved it and it was another super Westwood tradition that I shall look to keep going. Plenty of colour, fun and excitement, just as it should be.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. Only one more week, where has it gone? Don’t forget carols around the tree next Friday at 9.15am.

1000 Hits!

Thank you, I am staggered at how often my blog gets read. I do enjoy writing about what happens each day and I am glad that you are enjoying reading it.

At the weekend I put up my trees and decorations at home, so I was feeling generally festive coming in this morning. After a good assembly with the children in which we looked at our new advent ring and discussed its significance, everyone settled down to their usual focused learning. As usual, the diversity of learning that takes place in a typical day is quite enlightening and I enjoyed finding out about it from the children when I shared a crisp, but very pleasant playground duty with them.

This afternoon has been very busy – piano lessons in the entrance hall, performance practice in the hall (if you haven’t yet got your tickets, please do, as it sounds incredible!) and fractions and money in Lotus and Orchid class. Quite a bit of head scratching going on, converting fractions to decimals, but a high level of engagement and learning taking place.

With only 9 school days left now until Christmas, there always seems so much excitement left to fit in – Christmas lunch, parties, tea and mince pies with the head……what fun…

Christingle magic

What a lovely morning we had this morning. Another first for me was the Christingle service at Westwood church and a wonderful occasion it was too. Reverend Joanna kindly opened her church to us and after an unexpected stroll in the rain, we enjoyed a traditional service, with some KS2 children confidently sharing the meaning behind Christingle and some readings. As ever, I was immensely proud of the children, all of whom sat beautifully, sang strongly and made our first official Christmas engagement one to remember for a very long time. The sight of 96 lit candles with a church organ in the back ground carried me nicely through my training course for the rest of the day. Thanks everyone, what a super day.

Here are some photos to remind us of what we enjoyed…

Christingle2 Christingle3 christingle5 christingle 4 Christingle1

Christmas is now officially on it’s way…

What a lot to write about! My apologies for the lack of posts these past few days – this time of year gets incredibly busy and I have also had the luxury of spending time in the classroom teaching, which has been great.

So…last Thursday we were treated to a magical performance from The Storybox Theatre. Rather than take the children to the theatre, this year we brought the theatre to the children and the hall was transformed, resulting in an hour which we all agreed we would happily spend again and again. Thanks to our Friends of Westwood school, who very kindly sponsored the afternoon, the children were able to be entertained and mesmerized by the puppetry and storytelling of Rod Burnett who had us all hanging on his every word of the story of The Tin Soldier. Here is just a taste of what we experienced…

DSCF8468 DSCF8523 DSCF8544 DSCF8553 DSCF8578 DSCF8588 DSCF8596 storybox

After the excitement of the Storybox theatre, Friday brought us a mufti day, but with a difference. A very comfortable days teaching for me in my pyjamas, after leading celebration assembly, but thankfully the children all joined in and it made for a fun day, with some amazing writing taking place in the Big Write. If you can, please come to the meeting about this on Thursday at 7pm to find out more of what we do in school.

Then to the weekend. Not much to normally report on…but this past weekend saw the legendary Westwood school Christmas Fayre. What incredible organisation by the Friends of Westwood school, which started on Friday evening and ensured that Saturday afternoon in school was THE place to be. Festive fun, the smell of mince pies and Christmas fare, along with a plethora of stalls, crafts and wonderful village cheer. If you missed it, you missed a wonderful occasion and my sincere thanks to everyone involved for making it such a success with a lot of money raised.

As I sit here now I can hear rehearsals in full swing for the Christmas performance. I might just have to go and take a look. This time of year really is the best time to work in a school…