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Frere Jacques

I often hear melodic tunes coming from Orchid class but this afternoon I was invited to a live performance of Frere Jacques, which was superb. Not only did the children sing well, but their pronunciation of French is progressing so strongly, it was a pleasure to be invited. not only that, the song was performed in 3 groups in the round, which made it even more special. Well done everyone!

Elsewhere, around Westwood, Clover class were being incredibly artistic with colour mixing their dinosaurs and loving it, whilst Thistle class were on a sound walk, listening for unusual sounds around the school. I am sure there were many and just by using your ears it is always interesting to gain a different perspective of the school. After yesterday’s visit to the pool, I have no doubt that Lotus class have a number of future Olympians in the making…

Speaking of sports, i attended a PE meeting yesterday to find out more of the cluster sports events which are taking place regularly. I now have dates and events, so will let you know these, so that your children can take part, if they would like to.

Dinosaur alert!

It seems as though Clover class and Thistle class have been taken over by dinosaurs! There is some fantastic learning taking place this afternoon as both classes get stuck into their new dinosaur topic.

In Clover class the children are being extremely creative with paint, pencil and collage to produce images of dinosaurs with lovely concentration and detail. In Thistle class the children are working hard to complete split pin models of dinosaurs, so look out for a T-Rex with moving arms and legs! they are also using ICT to enhance their learning, which I always love to see.

Elsewhere at Westwood this afternoon, Lotus and Orchid class have been learning new dance routines for half the afternoon and developing their knowledge of Judaism for the other.

With the sun out and the wind calmer, the view from my office window looks a lot more settled and peaceful than it did on Monday. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the first week back, but already the children have a lot to show for their learning.

Here is our afternoon in a few photos:

P1090003 P1090004 P1090005 P1090006 P1090007 P1090008 P1090002 P1090001

Ice and the blitz!

After a thoroughly enjoyable day teaching in Clover class yesterday, full of five sentence challenges, problem solving , dissolving investigations and so much amazing learning,  today has been a little quieter, but I had to share some pictures of my walk around school.

With Clover class and Orchid class at @Bristol on their trips, I wandered into Thistle class to be greeted with this:


Four of our girls exploring the touch and feel of ice! hands-on learning at it’s very best and they were clearly having a wonderful, if slightly chilly, time. Brilliant.

Next stop was Lotus class where  artistic talents were on show as the children created their own blitz pictures. Highly engaged, the children were taking great care to produce their best work and it looked very effective. i will look forward to seeing those up on the wall somewhere. here they are in action:

IMG_3659 IMG_3660

Time flies

It was one of those occasions today when I actually stopped to think about how quickly this term is going and it’s hard to believe we are almost 7 weeks through. Having been out this morning on a course, I was grateful to be back in school with the children again and the French tones coming from Orchid class were, once again, extremely pleasant, lots of good pronunciation and laughter, which is always lovely to hear. Learning should be fun.

With some intricate images coming through the copier I was intrigued to find out what Lotus class were working on, so took my daily stroll around school to see some fine and detailed art work in full flow. Using pencil only, the children were working extremely hard to replicate their chosen work of art and the shading and concentration was excellent. We do have some super artists. In Clover class pencils were also working furiously, but with control, as they practised their handwriting. I also had the joy of sharing a wonderful piece of work on connectives from a year 2 child this afternoon and it shows how the practice is paying dividends in the children’s extended writing. On a final note, I still can’t walk through Thistle class without smiling at the brilliant rocket they have for their space topic and the way the children use it for role play – it is magical. If you get the chance, pop in to have a look, it’s so creative and imaginative.

Don’t forget the disco on Thursday evening, so get your dancing shoes ready, it’s sure to be a great night!

A dull day brightened

It certainly has been. Despite the appalling weather outside, inside it has been a super day. We had our open morning this morning and, whilst not attended by thousands, we had a good number of people looking around in what was a calm and purposeful atmosphere, which did not go unnoticed.

This afternoon has been a splash of colour in KS1, with Clover and Thistle class blow painting and printing and drawing and sculpting, respectively. There’s always a danger with blow painting that it can go the wrong way. Thankfully not today! In KS2 the children have been jiving and all I can say is watch out strictly in about 20 years time. Luckily we had Mrs Batten on hand to record it for posterity on film (well ,not really – on digital, but film sounded more retro).

Tomorrow is another celebration assembly, which I am looking forward to and we can unveil our new attendance and achievement trophies…

French, Art, PE and Politics…

…another typical day here at Westwood! It’s always good to get out of the office and wander around school to see the learning taking place. Orchid class have been busy this afternoon practising their French and the sounds drifting into my office would suggest that they are progressing well. Lotus class are onto Harvest today, writing their poetic thoughts for our harvest assembly next week, accompanied by some delightful artwork in pastel and crayon. I will write to you later in the week with details of Harvest for this year.

Thistle class have ventured into the outdoors to make the most of our incredible grounds for some exciting games – a few top athletes in the making –  and Clover class have just nominated their school Councillors after some super handwriting, joining in our new style. I shall very much look forward to our first meeting in due course.