Success in its many forms

It’s Friday afternoon at the end of Week one (already!) and already there is a lot to reflect on.  The IPC continues to impact on learning so successfully with entry points from our classes that have engaged the children fully. When in the past would a whole day’s cooking, food preparation and working with ingredients have provided the focus for an entry point, or way into a topic? It was fantastic to see the enjoyment on the children’s faces in Thistle and Clover class and to talk to them about their learning. Followed up by a trip to Sainsbury’s to see behind the scenes and, after just a few days, two classes are already far more knowledgeable about what goes into their food and what healthy eating means.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting with the school council again this week and it struck me what a success this has been this year. 8 children, who were elected by their peers have been fully committed to developing their ideas and making the school a better place. Their confidence and level of responsibility has been inspiring and with an ice cream soda and cake sale to look forward to on Friday 10th July, I am very proud of them all for their hard work and involvement.

I often blog about celebration assembly on a Friday morning because there is always success on so many levels. Today was no exception, with brilliant writers, mathematicians, kind hearted and thoughtful acts and a plethora of talent and skill from outside of school to share and enjoy. I love the fact that so many of our parents from the community join us and celebrate these successes, which are indicative of life at Westwood on a daily basis.

And then to this afternoon when I had an hour of country dancing, working with pupils from Lotus and Orchid class in preparation for the Summer fair. We haven’t been practising for long but already they are confident and really enjoying themselves. These are children with some or maybe even no dance background but they are having fun and enjoying themselves, whilst successfully demonstrating an ability to follow some moves that I know will be appreciated by everyone on the day. If you can, please come along as they have all done so well.

So there we are. Just a week gone and already so much to celebrate. I wonder what next week will bring?  Have a great weekend everyone.

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