So…how was your holiday?

Hello everyone and a big welcome back to another exciting year! Just before we get going properly tomorrow – and at the risk of venturing into sharing holiday slide territory – what were the favourite moments from your summer holiday? I have put together a short (I promise!) slideshow of favourite memories from my time away, but what did you enjoy the most?

I’d love to hear what you all did during the summer, so please comment on this post and tell me all about it. I’m looking forward to reading them already…

21 thoughts on “So…how was your holiday?

  1. Jenna and Daisy

    I went camping but fortunately it was poring with ran. Daisy In the summer holidays I went to a beach and I climbed up a toll peas of rock. Jenna

  2. Tilly and Anna

    I went to the Atlantic farm and i fed the donkey and held some of the cute kittens. by Tilly
    I went to cornwall 2 times in a row the first time with my mum and the second time with my dad. by Anna

  3. Hattie and Erin

    In the summer holidays I went to exmoor with friends and we stade for two nights and it raind on the larst day. by Erin
    In the summer I to a floua show by Hattie

  4. Darcey and Megan

    On holiday I climbed catbells. It tookc a wile but I got to the top. by megan.

    on holday iwnt to Weymouth by darcey.

  5. REGGIE janko

    i gone to the mountains and got some bubblegum chocklet. by janko
    i gone to bath to see inside the spechiel museam. by Reggie

  6. Talia and Ana

    Me and my family went to cornwall for tow weeks ,we went in the sea evreyday . On one night we had a barbqu at the
    beach .by Talia

    I went to span I went to the swimming pool twise a day. It was very hot.

    By Ana

  7. Isobel Charlie

    I went to Italy of the time I was in the pool. Charlie
    I went on a one week sailing holday and cammpt on a Islnd. by isobel

  8. Susan and Mya

    At the summer holidays I went on tow holidays.On my first holiday I went to round hill ,my second was at Devon and I saw a Hippo!
    by Susan

    In the summer holidays I went to cornwall for to weeks and it took five hours and I went surfing. by Mya

  9. Matthew and Joshua

    I went to tenbey for my holday it was Relly suny and I had a fun time. By Matthew

    I went to my friends house to have DINER. JOSHUA


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