Sensational Science Week!

The weeks are fairly flying by here at Westwood School and with only four weeks left until half term there is so much to both reflect on and look forward to.

This week we had THE most exciting science week, with the children being given all manner of wonderful opportunities to experiment and investigate with science. With a whole trolley of amazing hands-on science experiments from We the Curious to take into classrooms, along with carefully planned lessons from the teachers, it was a pleasure to wander around school each day, talking to children and listening to them enthuse about their learning. You will probably have heard from your children already about our Explorer Dome day which excited, enthralled and totally engaged every single child!

I would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs Tyler who organised, resourced and planned a completely brilliant and fascinating week for us all, including lunchtime and after school club experiences. Once again, science week was one to remember!  I would also like to thank the teaching staff for planning wonderful lessons and also the children who were a pleasure to work with. Here are some photos of the week’s experiments and our radio club recorded a special science week show, highlighting what they enjoyed:

In other news…thank you so much to those of you who have taken the time to comment on your children’s work on their class blog, giving them the audience that they so richly deserve for their efforts. I am delighted that our blogs are constantly filled with so much quality content. Please do visit them, subscribe to them and continue to comment. An audience provides the very best inspiration and motivation for the children and a few minutes to leave a comment does make such a difference. To help you with this I have created a page on our website for parents and children to use, including how-to videos, which I hope will help you get started. Please visit which is under the Parent Info tab of our website.  With an international readership of thousands, literally, we are well known for our blogging, so join the fun!

I am also delighted to announce that, through the work we have been doing with a class at Georgetown Elementary School in the USA, as well as our many international projects, we have been awarded a British Council International Award at Intermediate level! I am so pleased as this highlights the way in which we have been developing children’s internationalism so widely in recent years.

Please continue to listen to our fabulous broadcasters on Westwood Radio, it really is going from strength to strength. We would love you to join in our shows too, so if you are able, please listen every Thursday at 2.15pm and Friday at 2.15pm and get in touch with the show via email:, text: 078600 17404 or tweet us on Twitter @wwipradio. You can include #westwoodradio in any tweet, too and we will see it.

To listen, you can click on the link on the homepage of our website, press play on the player on our radio website, or listen via the Android app from Google Play: or on the Apple App from, so if you are out and about you can still listen in!

Have a super weekend everyone

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