Science week with the children

This past week the children have been having a huge amount of fun with wonderful science. My thanks to Mrs Tyler who has organised some fantastic events and resources and to the staff for planning some fun and informative days, everyone has been able to immerse themselves in experiments, activities and plenty of hands-on learning that has stimulated both questioning and a thirst for learning.

From visualising sound with bungee cord to air flow to having fun with temperature and experiments that build pressure and then release with real force – everything was brilliantly interesting and perfect for everyone to keep them engaged and full of great learning.

To increase the level of excitement, on Wednesday every child in the school was able to experience the Science dome, an inflatable domed resource with two brilliant presenters who made science come to life with colour, light, sound and pure atmosphere. All carried out in darkness, not one of our school community was less than enthralled and it was a joy to hear the children talk about their experiences. Here are some of the responses we managed to record from the children:

And to finish, we have a fabulous collection of photos from the entire science week which show how much fun the children had.

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