Outdoor learning in the rain

One of the best things about my job is the variety that it affords. This morning I had the pleasure of joining a Thistle class welly walk. A timely email from Mrs Cook last night ensured that I had my wellies and waterproof in the car…and did I need them! Great outdoor learning in the rain made it all the more fun and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring doing words.

From a damp, but enjoyable walk with Thistle class to a session of paperwork to watching a talented dance session in the hall this afternoon. Once again Mrs Hobson was leading our KS1 children and they loved it! Some great tunes and inspiring moves made for a lesson where the children all left excited and wanting more. To top it all, the sun came out this afternoon to brighten the end of the day when I managed to catch some seriously good golfing in the hall during after school club. Don’t be surprised to see some of our children in the Ryder cup in future…

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