Mother’s Monday 2019

One of my favourite days in our school calendar is when we  invite our mums and special people in for Mother’s Monday. It takes place the Monday immediately after Mothering Sunday and is an extension of the celebration where we open the school to mums and special people for the day so that they can come into school and share the learning and enjoyment of a school day with their children.

Once again It was a real delight to see how many people had taken time out of their busy schedules to come into school and be a part of another magical day. Linked with an international day, each class focused on a country and learnt all about that country as part of their activities.  We visited France, Rome and even Bhutan, each class learning so much about their country and all with extra special visitors. Plus, I got the chance to dress in a traditional Bhutanese Gho to lead our assembly – not something you do every day!

With everyone joining in at playtime, eating lunch with the children and spending as much time as they could in class, it was wonderful to see the school so full and buzzing with excitement.

Thank you so much to everyone who made arrangements to be here yesterday, it was a pleasure to welcome you into school. Next stop, Father’s Friday!

Here are some photos of our fabulous day together:

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