Mathematical Marvels

I always seem to manage to see the majority of the curriculum throughout the week on my walks around school. This morning I was showing a prospective parent around, as I often do and I was pleased to see how well the children were approaching their maths learning. In Clover class it was doubling and it happens to be Wednesday, so we renamed it doubling Wednesday (!) The children were learning strategies for just that – doubling numbers. I always like to ask everyone what they are learning and the children are always so enthusiastic to tell me. Great!

In Orchid class, multiplication was the order of the day and it was very Year 5/6. Some good strategies being employed and positive learning taking place to tackle some tricky problems. The children really are learning to challenge themselves and know more of what they need to learn next.

Now as I sit here typing this, Thistle class are in the hall with Mrs Hobson learning a new dance routine to a song that I haven’t heard for quite a few years! As always, the enthusiasm and commitment from them is very high energy. This is why it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside; inside the learning is always enjoyable, fun and progressive.

If you fancy popping over to and having a go at this week’s writing prompt with your children, please do. Or maybe the 100 word challenge appeals to your creative nature? You will find the link in the sidebar of this blog. Happy writing!

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