Lest we forget

At the end of a long day I felt it fitting to acknowledge an important date in our calendar. I always find children so thoughtful and respectful on Armistice day and today was no exception. It is not an easy concept to understand, the fact that nearly 100 years ago the great war took place, in fact the notion of war itself is, thankfully, not something we have to discuss often. But a light touch assembly and an awareness of why we wear poppies is enough for the children to show great respect and understanding and a perfect silence for two minutes allowed us all to remember. Well done everyone.

It was good to see so many parents at parent consultations this evening too. I do hope that you had the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and that the progress report you received on Friday was helpful. I look forward to seeing many more of you on Wednesday. You are, of course, always welcome to come in and make an appointment to discuss your child with your class teacher, we operate an open door policy at Westwood, so please do not feel that it has to wait until parent’s evening.

One final note. Dance club was in full swing again tonight and for the first time I heard some festive tunes emanating from the hall. It must be that time of year and obviously something special to look forward to…

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