Learning walk

Part of my job each day is to spend time on a learning walk around the school. This gives me the opportunity to find out what the children are learning in each session and to enjoy talking to the children about their learning. It also gives me time to reflect on the diversity of the learning that is taking place.

Today, for example, I saw a group of children in Thistle class successfully working with money to make amounts in different ways – not an easy task, ask any KS1 teacher! Clover class were working with the other perennial stumbling block, time, not that you would know it. Their progress from yesterday is marked in their recognition of quarter past and half past. Orchid class were being amazing mathematicians with square and prime numbers – do ask them for examples when they get home! Lotus class were using punctuation today to highlight speech in their writing. As a school we have been using what we call ‘rainbow writing’ to identify punctuation, initially, in our writing. This will help the children with their sentence formation and to raise the standard of their writing overall. Inspired by this, I thought I’d add something interactive – a game all about connectives, if you and your children have a moment. A word of warning though, these are good time wasters so if you have a go on your own, don’t be surprised where the evening goes!

zondle – games to support learning

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