IPC Entry Points

Today we have had a really wonderful day, full of exciting learning and wow moments. In Thistle Class, all of the children (and staff) dressed up as Superheroes for their topic and spent the day working on activities all related to their Superheroes topic. Everyone had so much fun and looked fantastic!

Clover class are learning all about the Circus this term and spent the day taking part in a surprise circus skills day. Part of the excitement and engagement of children in their learning with the IPC is not telling them what their starting point, or Entry Point – as we call it – to their IPC topic is. We have found that it creates a fantastic buzz for learning and today was no exception!

Finally, Orchid class have been exploring and handling some incredible artefacts for their topic on Romans. Walking around the school, talking to the children, seeing their faces and watching them learn was a joy. It has been such a lovely start to the year and I can see it getting better and better.

Here are some photos from Thistle and Clover classes Entry Point Days and an audio of children from all three classes telling us what they have learnt and enjoyed, in their own words.

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