International Day

Today was the first of our International days. Each class has chosen a country and has linked up with a school from that country to discuss cultures, learning and what it is like to live there. We have had an extremely fun day’s learning today, with different continents being studied. Visiting Thistle Class I was taken to India, with ladies in traditional dress, rice rangoli patterns and a warm Indian Greeting! In Clover Class Thai dress was the order of the day, with beautiful silk traditional costumes laid out for the children to see and explore. It was bonjour to Lotus Class who are studying France this year and I saw them blogging to the International School of Toulouse, which was fabulous and in Orchid Class, children were learning how to get by in New Zealand, their chosen country, by looking at some of the vocabulary used there.

It was a truly wonderful experience to see so much hands-on, engaging and exciting learning taking place. Here is a flavour of our first International Day.

2 thoughts on “International Day

    1. Mr Rockey Post author

      Thanks Ben. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed making it. You all worked very hard today and it looked like a lot of fun.


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