Frere Jacques

I often hear melodic tunes coming from Orchid class but this afternoon I was invited to a live performance of Frere Jacques, which was superb. Not only did the children sing well, but their pronunciation of French is progressing so strongly, it was a pleasure to be invited. not only that, the song was performed in 3 groups in the round, which made it even more special. Well done everyone!

Elsewhere, around Westwood, Clover class were being incredibly artistic with colour mixing their dinosaurs and loving it, whilst Thistle class were on a sound walk, listening for unusual sounds around the school. I am sure there were many and just by using your ears it is always interesting to gain a different perspective of the school. After yesterday’s visit to the pool, I have no doubt that Lotus class have a number of future Olympians in the making…

Speaking of sports, i attended a PE meeting yesterday to find out more of the cluster sports events which are taking place regularly. I now have dates and events, so will let you know these, so that your children can take part, if they would like to.

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