French, Art, PE and Politics…

…another typical day here at Westwood! It’s always good to get out of the office and wander around school to see the learning taking place. Orchid class have been busy this afternoon practising their French and the sounds drifting into my office would suggest that they are progressing well. Lotus class are onto Harvest today, writing their poetic thoughts for our harvest assembly next week, accompanied by some delightful artwork in pastel and crayon. I will write to you later in the week with details of Harvest for this year.

Thistle class have ventured into the outdoors to make the most of our incredible grounds for some exciting games – a few top athletes in the making –  and Clover class have just nominated their school Councillors after some super handwriting, joining in our new style. I shall very much look forward to our first meeting in due course. 


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