Even teachers keep on learning…

It seems like an age since I last sat down to write on my blog, but I’ve been in and out of school for various reasons recently, so I thought it was time I got back to important matters!

The quiz night on Saturday, run by the brilliant Friends of Westwood, was tremendous fun and a great night out.  A great mixture of questions posed by Jeremy and Becky Robertson kept us both entertained and scratching our heads…some of us more than others! What was apparent, though, was the lovely atmosphere in the school hall and the fact that members of the local community had joined us for the evening. Add to that a genial idea of a pudding theme and you have a sure fire winner, which it was. Lots learnt, mainly the fact that I need a quiz book!

So this week I’ve been out learning even more, this time on a more professional basis. I do miss being in school, but sometimes it’s good to bring back new ideas.  Exciting news is that our writer of the week pens have arrived, so i can begin presenting them in tomorrow’s celebration assembly, which I will enjoy. I do think that they are providing an incentive for children to challenge themselves with their writing, which is great.

Lotus class treated us to another stellar performance this morning of their class assembly. All of the classes have worked hard this term to share their learning in an interesting and informative way. I always think it is a lovely window into the children’s learning and, as always, was tremendously supported by parents, thank you.

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