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Year 6 get adventurous

Once again, this afternoon I had the pleasure of teaching Year 6 for the afternoon and today we were writing adventure stories. I always enjoy seeing the thought process that goes into planning and executing a story, particularly when children grow in confidence, which I am seeing all the time. Lots of good ideas and some clear and detailed planning resulted in some stories that I am very much looking forward to reading.

I also had time to wander around the school this morning and see all of the classes in action, briefly, which was enjoyable. On Friday afternoon I was joined by an ex-colleague and headteacher who was extremely impressed with the level of behaviour and commitment that the children showed and commented on this many times as we carried out our learning walk of the school. Needless to say that, once again, I was very proud of our school and our children!

Welcome back…

…everyone!  I don’t often share my personal experiences, but this was my view last week in Pembrokeshire and it was incredible. I do hope you all had a wonderful half term too.

atlantic sunset


This term has started with a lot of excitement and productivity, once again and even some sun! Two school visits and a class assembly this week, it is sure to be busy. Please keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events, as although this term is short, we are packing a lot in!

Happy Half Term!

Holidays always seem to come around so quickly, don’t they? At Westwood we have had another enjoyable and productive term and I am not surprised that the children are so tired, they should feel proud of what they have achieved.

After so much rain and bad weather I would like to wish you all a dry and thoroughly enjoyable half term with your families. I will very much look forward to seeing you all back again for Term 4 on Monday 24th February. Have fun, whatever you do!

It’s Friday again!

Firstly, my apologies for not adding anything to the blog this week. I have been training and up and down the country gaining new ideas for taking the school forward. Whilst this has been both fun and useful, I do miss being in school with the children.

Celebration assembly this morning was a lovely reminder of just how hard the children are working every day and how this is reflected in the awards that the staff are giving. I also felt extremely privileged to share the children’s out of school achievements, of which there were many – and so diverse!

This morning it was great to be back in the classroom again teaching Clover class. It is always Big Write day on a Friday and today’s excitement was writing dinosaur stories. As always there was good commitment from the children towards their learning and the results are super. They have clearly listened to the teaching that they have shared with Mrs Charleton this week. Well done everyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our Westwood writers as I know that Orchid class’ homework is to add to the Westwood Writers blog. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so follow the link at the side to see what we are doing and leave a comment if you’d like to. I did have great fun in Orchid class on Wednesday afternoon. We were learning about Google sites and everyone was able to create their own simple website for the class to see in an afternoon. The level of technical understanding is great and really does promote the use of collaborative learning. Ask your child to log into their Google account and you can have a look at the results.

As I write this Lotus class are outdoor learning and, from the sounds of it, having a fantastic time. Mr Bennett mentioned that it was an orienteering exercise to begin a new unit of work. I am sure the children will enlighten you – I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

I must mention before I sign off that Thistle class, after their concerted efforts this week, won the Westwood Wonder trophy by the biggest ever margin. A HUGE 24 points saw them romp home with the trophy to enjoy in their class. Well done to all of you!

Now we are half way through the term, which is something of a reality check. Have a super weekend.

Welcome back everyone

A very Happy New Year to you all. I very much hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed plenty of festive fare. I also hope that you managed to avoid any severe weather – it was good to see everyone back safely today, despite the terribly inclement start to the New Year.

It’s always good to get back into the swing of a new term, although the children did seem a little jaded in assembly this morning. I only say that as the discussion was more one way than usual and it was early, when we are all used to getting up a bit later! We also had our very first school council meeting today, which was incredibly productive. Lots of good ideas and a very healthy and mature discussion about school issues and ways to improve and inspire our learning.

Although this term can be quieter, there are many exciting things to look forward to, which I will share in due course. For now we can enjoy being back together again and sharing our enthusiasm. One thing I would like to mention is that if anyone has time to come in and share books with the children, please get in touch as we would love to see you and it would greatly help the children in their reading development. Have a fantastic term everyone.

On this day in history…

I thought you might find this interesting. In a dark corner of Mrs Evans’ office there lurked the original school log book. I had no idea this existed, but until fairly recently it was expected that the head would and should keep a daily log of goings-on in and around school – much like this blog but in a more formal way…fascinating as the carol service in the piece below was in the social club. The current school site was not built until 1976, so they had to use the social club.

So, I thought it would be fun to include an extract every now and again to see how life then compared to life now. Today’s gem is a full 40 years old! In the year I was born, this made the head’s log:

log book 11.12

1000 Hits!

Thank you, I am staggered at how often my blog gets read. I do enjoy writing about what happens each day and I am glad that you are enjoying reading it.

At the weekend I put up my trees and decorations at home, so I was feeling generally festive coming in this morning. After a good assembly with the children in which we looked at our new advent ring and discussed its significance, everyone settled down to their usual focused learning. As usual, the diversity of learning that takes place in a typical day is quite enlightening and I enjoyed finding out about it from the children when I shared a crisp, but very pleasant playground duty with them.

This afternoon has been very busy – piano lessons in the entrance hall, performance practice in the hall (if you haven’t yet got your tickets, please do, as it sounds incredible!) and fractions and money in Lotus and Orchid class. Quite a bit of head scratching going on, converting fractions to decimals, but a high level of engagement and learning taking place.

With only 9 school days left now until Christmas, there always seems so much excitement left to fit in – Christmas lunch, parties, tea and mince pies with the head……what fun…