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Simonsbath – The final burst!

After a really special week in which all of our children laughed, had fun, tried everything and were SO incredibly well behaved, here is the last photo slide show and round up of the week, including last night’s Drumming workshop.

I would like to give HUGE thanks to Mrs Hannam, Mrs Tyler and Mrs Robertson for their superb organisation, sympathetic care, boundless energy, time and effort that they have given all week to make our Simonsbath trip such a success. We are very lucky to have such tremendous teaching and support staff who give so much for our school. Lastly, a thank you to the children who made us all proud with their impeccable manners, wonderful listening skills and sensible attitude. I truly believe this was a week for everyone to remember…

What a fun morning at Simonsbath – Day 2

We’ve just sat down after lunch at Simonsbath and I have a few minutes to update you. It’s been non-stop since breakfast with the class working in three groups. One group went off mountain biking first up and down some of the muddiest, slipperiest and exhilarating paths that were local to the centre. Needless to say our washing machine will need to be pressed into service when I get home!!

Another group started with tree climbing. Harnessed up and with a head for heights, there was much fun to be had as children challenged themselves to climb as high as possible. And they all did very well. The third group learnt fire building skills and made dough twists which they then cooked on an open fire. With a blessed morning of very little rain, there have been whoops, cheers and plenty of singing from everyone.

This afternoon we do the last of our three activities then it’s on to some shelter building before tea and games after. Hope everyone is ok back home. We are all having a super time.