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We are Cryptographers & Toy Designers

Today in class the children in Orchid Class took on another code cracking theme, this time using Textease to create their own Morse Code messages. Check back soon to see what amazing work they have achieved! Then Lotus class also used Textease but to electronically design the toys they had been thinking about before they write the script in Scratch to bring them alive next week. Such a fun afternoon!

More fun in the classroom

This week I have been back teaching the children and yesterday I enjoyed watching Orchid class having fun with their learning in my computing session. Their new unit of work is ‘We are Cryptographers’ and we began this jump into the world of espionage and coded messages with a look at how semaphore was used to send messages over distance. What a lot of fun we had and it wasn’t all that easy either! Here are some great shots of brilliant learning in action. Watch this space as there is definitely more to come!

The diversity of Headship

One of the joys of my job (there are many) is that no two days are ever the same and I am afforded a great deal of variation in what I do. This week is a very good example and we are only at Wednesday evening!

Yesterday I worked with a fantastic group of children in Year 7 at St Laurence school in an after school club. Making the most of a super opportunity for developing cross-school collaboration, I was able to share the success that we have experienced with blogging with 24 children who were all new to the idea of an online audience and very keen, having volunteered to come along to find out more.  Their blog is growing by the day, so please do check it out – It has already received visitors from around the world and they took time to comment on some of our children’s work too. As a cluster of schools we are always looking to share expertise and this is one example of it in action. I do hope that they enjoy it as much as our children do – I am still astounded by the online presence and audience that we have established.

So, on to today and I had the joy of being outside at lunchtime when our PlayPod was in full swing. It really does give a wonderful dimension to children’s play and the ideas that the children had for using the materials were amazing, Please come along this Friday at 2.30pm for the official opening and get involved with some play – you are most welcome! Then this afternoon I was back in the classroom and enjoying teaching Thistle and Clover class, who were all programming and working very hard. Already I can see such progress in the children’s computing skills and it is what makes the job so rewarding. Here are a few photos of this afternoon’s session and a reminder of what a diverse and enjoyable job I have.

World Education Games Day 2 & 3

Yesterday and today we have been enjoying taking part in the World Education Games. So many children have been inspired to logon to Mathletics and Spellodrome to challenge themselves and their international friends to a game to see who can calculate or spell the answers in the least time. Whilst only mildly competitive, it has been so lovely to see how the children’s mental maths skills and excitement for maths and literacy have progressed and developed throughout the week and I have no doubt that this level of enthusiasm will continue throughout the year. Moreover, many of our children blogged about their experiences yesterday and you can find them here : They would LOVE a comment, if you have time, please.

For the duration of the games this week I have run a lunchtime club for children to take part, logon and have fun. Consistently over the three days I have had over 30 children joining me, giving up their lunchtime to be a part of it. At nearly a third of the school this has been so encouraging and a joy to coordinate. Well done everyone and thank you for your efforts.

Here we all are in action, with some  audio from the children, describing what they have achieved:

International Learning

We had a fantastic afternoon in Clover class this afternoon as the children were thinking about our friends in Room 104 at Georgetown Elementary School, Hudsonville, USA. This is Clover class’ international link class and already we have been able to chat to them and make friends with Mrs Woodring’s new class, who are all lovely. They also have a blog at where you can find out all about what our friends in the USA learn every day!

Today, though, we have been thinking about the questions we asked Room 104 and the brilliant answers we received from them about their school, their learning and their daily lives. Here is a slide show of the hard work Clover class produced today. Look out for a photo of our friends in Room 104 too! You can also find some blogged facts from the children on

Computing experts in the making

This week I have been enjoying teaching all of our wonderful children once again. On Tuesday in KS2, with Lotus and Orchid Class we have been looking at Scratch. With the government expectation that all children can program their own algorithms, Scratch is a great (and free) way to learn. You can login here: and all of our children in KS2 now have their own login. Give it a go!

With Thistle and Clover class this afternoon we have been learning how to login to Mathletics and practice our Maths skills. All of the children worked incredibly hard and are now much more independent. Well done everyone!