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Maths Day

Today in school we have been enjoying a huge range of mathematical activities as part of our whole school Maths Day. Every class took part and classes were filled with everything from skittles to a science and maths cross curricular activity in Orchid class counting taste buds! There really was something for everyone and the children had a fantastic time.

Here are some photos of our lovely day.

World Education Games Day 2 & 3

Yesterday and today we have been enjoying taking part in the World Education Games. So many children have been inspired to logon to Mathletics and Spellodrome to challenge themselves and their international friends to a game to see who can calculate or spell the answers in the least time. Whilst only mildly competitive, it has been so lovely to see how the children’s mental maths skills and excitement for maths and literacy have progressed and developed throughout the week and I have no doubt that this level of enthusiasm will continue throughout the year. Moreover, many of our children blogged about their experiences yesterday and you can find them here : They would LOVE a comment, if you have time, please.

For the duration of the games this week I have run a lunchtime club for children to take part, logon and have fun. Consistently over the three days I have had over 30 children joining me, giving up their lunchtime to be a part of it. At nearly a third of the school this has been so encouraging and a joy to coordinate. Well done everyone and thank you for your efforts.

Here we all are in action, with some  audio from the children, describing what they have achieved:

World Education Games

An exciting opportunity is available just next week for us to take part in the World Education Games. As a school, all of our children have access to Mathletics – login details are in the back of your child’s HASP book – and for three days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, children can play against other children from all over the world. Testing their maths and also English skills, through using Spellodrome, which we have access to for just this week (same login details), children can develop their mental maths and spelling and their ability to answer questions quickly and accurately. It would be great if your child took part, so please encourage them to login and ‘warm-up’ with a few questions in readiness for this week coming. It will be great fun!

Maths Day

Yesterday the whole school took part in a wonderful Maths day. With the opportunity to take part in so many different types of maths activities, the children had an amazing time practising their maths skills. Mathletics was, once again, very well used and it was good to see how board games, word problems and mental arithmetic activities were helping children to develop a real grasp of the key concepts. Well done everyone, another great curriculum day! Watch the action unfold and listen to what the children have learnt…

Maths Day

Today we all had a fantastic afternoon with maths. From board games to basketball shooting and counting to treasure hunts to being Times Tables Rock Stars, the school was alive with fun, excitement and tremendous learning. Well done everyone, you all worked really hard.

Here are some children describing their maths day in their own words: