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History Day

Today we have all been working together to learn about a famous person in History – Louis Braille. We spent the morning discussing his life story and working in pairs, with Thistle class and Clover class working beautifully together to produce a super book of his life story. In the afternoon everyone then got the chance to create some braille patterns of their own and to understand.

Here are the children hard at work and describing what they have learnt in their own words:

International Day 22.6.16

This year we have really reached out to further our international links and global audience and I can truthfully say that I feel we are far more connected than ever with children and professionals from around the world.

Today we held our last international day of the year with each class taking their own focus for learning and exciting learning. Thistle learnt lots of interesting facts about India and read a super elephant story and Clover class wanted to know more about Canada. Clover also had the opportunity to link up with Mr Hamilton and Grade 4 of Bayridge School in Kingston Ontario to learn face to face with our international friends, which was super fun.

In KS2, Lotus class looked at France once more and Orchid class focused on Ghana – they also have a cake sale coming up next week, so please come along to that to raise much needed funds for charity.

Everyone had such a fabulous international day and we have pulled everything together into s slide show below. The children also explained what they have been learning throughout the day. Do have a listen!

What a lovely day!

I’d been looking forward to today as I had the opportunity to spend a whole day teaching  with our Year 2/3 children of Clover class. With plenty of learning planned and an enthusiastic class in front of me, we were underway and quickly into phonics before an English lesson centred around a character description of Mr Twit from Roald Dahl’s The Twits. You can see the results of the children’s hard work here: Needless to say that there was some super vocabulary and with the children now able to accurately and concisely blog their ideas, it was a great session.

Maths today was focused on Mathletics and the children worked brilliantly to consolidate their learning from yesterday on money. Mathletics is great for engaging children who find some elements of maths tricky. Then this afternoon we took on an international flavour, culminating in a live Google Hangout with our friends from Georgetown Elementary School in Hudsonville, USA.

Something I haven’t done before was to photograph a day in the classroom and you can see what we worked on together in the slide show below, as well as our live hangout with our friends in the US, where the children got to ask questions, share learning and discover each other’s cultures.

It really was a fun day. i must do it again soon!

IPC Entry Points

Today we have had a really wonderful day, full of exciting learning and wow moments. In Thistle Class, all of the children (and staff) dressed up as Superheroes for their topic and spent the day working on activities all related to their Superheroes topic. Everyone had so much fun and looked fantastic!

Clover class are learning all about the Circus this term and spent the day taking part in a surprise circus skills day. Part of the excitement and engagement of children in their learning with the IPC is not telling them what their starting point, or Entry Point – as we call it – to their IPC topic is. We have found that it creates a fantastic buzz for learning and today was no exception!

Finally, Orchid class have been exploring and handling some incredible artefacts for their topic on Romans. Walking around the school, talking to the children, seeing their faces and watching them learn was a joy. It has been such a lovely start to the year and I can see it getting better and better.

Here are some photos from Thistle and Clover classes Entry Point Days and an audio of children from all three classes telling us what they have learnt and enjoyed, in their own words.

Fantastic International Learning

I had the pleasure of being in class all day today and this afternoon, with Lotus class, we made some lovely new friends in a school in France at the International School of Toulouse. Through the magic of the web, the children were able to talk about their school and local environment and even practice some of their French, which the children in Toulouse thought was really good! Well done everyone, a really fun afternoon and some great learning taking place.

We can’t wait to do it again and my thanks to Miss Ash, the Y2 class teacher for linking up with us.

A trip to Egypt…

This afternoon I had the pleasure of teaching Lotus class and another thoroughly enjoyable end engaging afternoon was had. Their brief? To plan, write and present a short piece on an element of their learning about Egypt that they had studied over the past few weeks.  I explained to the children that I would be recording this to share with the world and, once again, they all rose to the occasion magnificently, sharing some amazing facts, detailed learning and fascinating history. I am constantly impressed by the impact of the International Primary Curriculum on our children and their commitment to their learning. Here they are explaining their learning in their own words: