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Mother’s Monday

Today in school we celebrated our third consecutive Mother’s Monday where we invite our mums, grandmas, aunties and special people into school to share our learning. After a Mathletics Monday assembly to start things off,  it was, once again, a really lovely day with so many of our parents taking time from their busy schedules to spend time in school learning with their children. From paper mache’ bowls to reconstructing scaled down cardboard skeletons from design and technology projects to phonics, everyone was fully immersed in a thoroughly enjoyable day. Even the weather was on our side, allowing mums to join in their children’s games on the field and with the PlayPod at lunchtime after a satisfying school meal with the children in the hall.

I took time to walk around the school on a number of occasions today to see the many parents who had joined us and the sense of community and atmosphere of fun and enjoyment was clear. A huge thank you to everybody who joined us today, I really hope that it was an extension of your Mothering Sunday and that you enjoyed being with us as much as we loved having you.

Here is the day in pictures:

World Book Day 2016

Today was, once again, full of fun and fabulous learning. So many children chose to dress up as their favourite characters for World Book Day and at playtime the playground was full of colour and excitement. The focus for today was for each class to take an author and look at their work, write in their style and even perform as the author too, from Eric Carle and his Hungry Caterpillar to Michael Rosen and his inimitable style of performance poetry!

It was clear to see that every child had learnt so much and enjoyed being immersed in reading and books. We rounded the day off with a whole school assembly to share our learning and everyone was interested in what had been achieved, I’m sure sparking many to read books written by the authors that other classes had chosen. Another really wonderful day at Westwood School.

Here is the day in pictures, a few video clips and described by some of the children themselves:

West Wilts Dance Festival

Last night was another opportunity to be so incredibly proud of our children that I was smiling from ear to ear all evening!  Once again, children from Orchid class took part in the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Bath Forum. Having been expertly trained by Karen Hobson, who had put together a superb and exciting routine, the children took to the stage second in proceedings. That on it’s own is a good reason to be both proud and appreciative of the children’s  confidence as the Bath Forum is a venue that regularly hosts major events and seats an audience of hundreds. Yet here were the children dominating the stage and dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, all dressed in authentic American military costume of the period and not missing a beat. The performance was both spellbinding and electric, drawing an enormous cheer from the audience, which was so very well deserved.

Having been just second in the running order, the children could then relax and enjoy the rest of the show, but I know from listening to other schools and talking to colleagues who I saw there that Orchid class’ performance and impact had set the standard. What was so lovely, though, was the huge cheer from the entire audience that the children received as they saluted in the finale.

My sincere thanks go to Karen for organising, resourcing, planning and choreographing a spectacular routine that brought the house down and to the children for entertaining, showing such confidence and for representing our school so brilliantly. I was proud of every one of you. Thank you for a great evening out!

Here is the video of the children’s rehearsal earlier in the day – recording was strictly not permitted last night.

Christingle Service

This morning we had the privilege of going to Westwood Church to celebrate our Christingle Service. Hosted by Reverend Joanna, the service was a mixture of the story of Christingle, traditional and some contemporary songs.

As always, the children were in fine voice and we all thoroughly enjoyed this festive experience and with Mr King on the piano, we were treated to live accompaniment throughout.

We managed to capture this wonderful occasion here:

Our last celebration assembly!

A time for just a little sadness this morning as we got together for our last celebration assembly of the year and our wonderful Year 6’s last ever celebration assembly at our school.
As ever, there was so much to share and enjoy and I am so very grateful for the support of the parent community. Once again so many people gave up their time to join us and celebrate the children’s many achievements. We have such a talented group of children at Westwood school and Friday assemblies, as you know, are my favourite of the week. It gives us a little insight into the children’s lives outside of school and the commitment they have to their wide ranging sports, hobbies and interests.

It was, also, one final opportunity to celebrate the amazing learning that has taken place this week and the children who have made others feel good. It is always a difficult decision for the teachers, as everyone within our school community is so respectful and thoughtful to each other.

So, until September, we will now wait to celebrate with our school community any further but I must thank the staff, children, governors and parents. It isn’t often that I am lost for words, but today I was when Mrs Hannam presented me with a Making People Feel Good Award! We are blessed with a wonderful staff here and I truly believe that it is the incredible school and wider community that makes this school special.

Here are some photos of this morning:

Father’s Friday

What a brilliant day we have had in school today! So many dads and special people in the children’s lives have given up some or even all of their day to spend time with us in school. Everyone took a full part and became fully immersed in the learning, fun and excitement that took place and the school was buzzing from the beginning of assembly this morning to the end of school as I wandered around the playground. Thank you to all those who came and made our day, it was great to see you and watch you learn, play and have fun. Here are some snapshots of this year’s Father’s Friday, the children telling us what they liked about today in their own words and Thistle class’ composition of the Hungry Caterpillar, conducted by dads! Enjoy…

Success in its many forms

It’s Friday afternoon at the end of Week one (already!) and already there is a lot to reflect on.  The IPC continues to impact on learning so successfully with entry points from our classes that have engaged the children fully. When in the past would a whole day’s cooking, food preparation and working with ingredients have provided the focus for an entry point, or way into a topic? It was fantastic to see the enjoyment on the children’s faces in Thistle and Clover class and to talk to them about their learning. Followed up by a trip to Sainsbury’s to see behind the scenes and, after just a few days, two classes are already far more knowledgeable about what goes into their food and what healthy eating means.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting with the school council again this week and it struck me what a success this has been this year. 8 children, who were elected by their peers have been fully committed to developing their ideas and making the school a better place. Their confidence and level of responsibility has been inspiring and with an ice cream soda and cake sale to look forward to on Friday 10th July, I am very proud of them all for their hard work and involvement.

I often blog about celebration assembly on a Friday morning because there is always success on so many levels. Today was no exception, with brilliant writers, mathematicians, kind hearted and thoughtful acts and a plethora of talent and skill from outside of school to share and enjoy. I love the fact that so many of our parents from the community join us and celebrate these successes, which are indicative of life at Westwood on a daily basis.

And then to this afternoon when I had an hour of country dancing, working with pupils from Lotus and Orchid class in preparation for the Summer fair. We haven’t been practising for long but already they are confident and really enjoying themselves. These are children with some or maybe even no dance background but they are having fun and enjoying themselves, whilst successfully demonstrating an ability to follow some moves that I know will be appreciated by everyone on the day. If you can, please come along as they have all done so well.

So there we are. Just a week gone and already so much to celebrate. I wonder what next week will bring?  Have a great weekend everyone.