Today’s post has more of a continental flavour to it as I spent much of the afternoon listening to a really inspiring French session in Orchid class. French singing, lovely pronunciation and children who were clearly engaged in their learning. Over the past few weeks I have noticed the progress, just when listening from my office and the confidence in speaking French is quite obviously developing.

In other news this evening – after yesterday’s science session on reversible and non-reversible changes, which left an auspicious singed aroma to the classroom, Clover class decided to focus their learning on independent writing. Not any easy task for some, but a lot of great effort and just rewards. Thistle class took their learning outdoors this afternoon and worked up an appetite with some  super physical development whilst the artists in Lotus class got creative and had the opportunity to express themselves on paper.

All in all, a productive day, which started with the smartest sitters I’ve seen all lined up and ready to be photographed for posterity. Nothing beats the diversity and enjoyment of life in a school!

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