Blogging with David Mitchell

On a day when blogging has been used so well to inspire and excite our writers (and also the staff), it only seems fitting that I should write a post this evening.

This afternoon we were delighted to welcome back David Mitchell (@deputymitchell, for the Tweeters!), blogging expert and experienced educational consultant, who started us off on our blogging journey 4 years ago. David spent the afternoon working with the children in Lotus and Orchid class to develop their writing using live sentence construction on class blogs, which he then gave immediate feedback to, thus improving and progressing the learning within a very short space of time indeed. What made it even more exciting was that everything that was being written could be seen by the entire world! Although the activity is no longer live, the fantastic evidence of great learning can be seen on and

Our children are prolific bloggers and produce high quality posts each week, but this afternoon was an opportunity to take this even further and with David leading the sessions it made for a fun packed and hugely productive afternoon. Every child was completely engaged and immersed in their writing and the results made us all very proud indeed, as did the children’s superb approach to their learning.

After school it was then the turn of the staff to be inspired by David’s enthusiasm and knowledge as he took us through the process of using CoveritLive to curate a high quality writing session, as well as other tools that we can all take away to enhance our lessons and utilise blogging as a tool for writing. My huge thanks to David for a fabulous afternoon and for setting up the next stage of our blogging journey, which has us all keen to share even more of our learning with the world.

Here are some photos of the afternoon, as well as the children explaining how they have enjoyed the experience and the impact it had on their writing.

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