Blogging with an expert

Tonight the staff and myself had the pleasure of taking part in an excellent INSET twilight training session led by David Mitchell. Those of you who use Twitter may know David as @deputymitchell – he has many, many followers and uses Twitter and blogging as a brilliant educational tool. His work on blogging has also put him at the forefront of his field and so I was thrilled when I was able to bring him to Westwood to inspire us on our journey.

Already since the year has begun, the children and staff have been blogging daily, some using photos but most of all, sharing excellent learning. Tonight was about moving beyond simple posting and commenting, although that still remains at the core of creating an audience. We now know how to use slideshows, audio into blog posts live discussion sessions and, most importantly, how to get the children’s learning noticed, read and appreciated around the world. Yes, the world. Blogging opens doors for children beyond just the audience of one or two in the classroom and I am excited by the prospect that by the end of the year our children’s work will have been viewed and appreciated by people from every continent, possible thousands of times over.

Tonight was one of those evenings when you feel so inspired that you want to go out and try it straight away. I know David will be following what we do and with support from him, commitment from the children and staff and engaging learning, Westwood school is about to go global…

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