Back in the classroom

This morning I had the pleasure of being back in the classroom teaching Thistle class and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only were the children engaged in their learning, but they were keen to demonstrate what they had been learning recently. We started with a fun phonics lesson and I noticed that already some of the children are beginning to join their handwriting, which is great. Thistle maths today was all about subtraction – not the easiest concept to master when you are young, but the children worked methodically and sensibly, taking advice and building on their learning. English was all about being bossy with our vocabulary to write instructions and I always find it fascinating to see how well children pick up new words and enjoy using them. All in all a very enjoyable morning and a treat to be teaching.

Now, as I sit here temporarily in my office it is beautiful autumn sunshine outside – we do have wonderful grounds – and I can hear some French from Orchid class taking place. Elsewhere children are listening intently and working feverishly on a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon as another teaching session gets underway.

Just a note about this Friday’s Children in Need day. You will receive a letter about it tomorrow, but it will be a non-uniform day with a donation of £1 to go to Children in Need.

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