Autumn writing

Imagine you are walking along this path. What can you see or hear? How do you feel? Is it cold? Have a go at a piece of descriptive writing and post it as a comment on this post. I’d very much like to read it!

2 thoughts on “Autumn writing

  1. sasha

    One day there was a little boy who always liked to go on adventures!
    His name was George however when he went on adventures he always got lost in the woods of wales.One day he was walking down the path of his street when a sudden noise boomed in his ear, it was a rock falling from the cliff near by, although it wasn’t a normal rock it was a moon rock from thousands of years ago.
    He followed the noise of all the stones crunching and it lead him to a magical fairy wood to see beautiful sight of red, brown and other colours of leaves.
    He walked through the woods until he heard his mother calling for tea however he was lost again so couldn’t find his way back what was trailing to surprise him next?…..chapter 2 coming soon.

    1. Mr Rockey Post author

      What a fantastic start to your writing, Sasha. I very much enjoyed reading this and can’t wait to see what is in chapter 2!


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