Another week gone by…

Here we are again at the end of yet another week. My apologies for the lack of postings this week, it has been incredibly busy in school and I haven’t had time to blog my way through the week! Yesterday we all enjoyed Clover class assembly with a lot of hard work from the children to share their learning. Then, last night, we all had the chance to dance to some well chosen tunes from Stuart at the disco, which, as always, was a lot of fun.  So here is my latest newsletter piece. I do hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget next week is Sport Relief – I’ve dusted down my headband and runnign sockas already…

Newsletter No. 13

After a very busy couple of weeks in school it seems no time at all since I was writing to you last and already we are halfway through this short term.

Recently we have been treated to a series of class assemblies, with clear evidence of how committed the children have been to their learning in their respective classes and, more importantly, how much they have been enjoying it. I have also very much enjoyed spending  more  time teaching in classes recently and have experienced first hand the children’s desire to challenge themselves and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

With this in mind, we are always looking to maximise the children’s potential and to give them the best possible opportunities. I would ask that, during the course of the week and if you don’t already, you could spend some time supporting your child’s learning at home. Not only will this encourage them to work independently, but it can make a huge difference to their development. By reading with them at least three times a week and spending a few minutes each day to focus on their homework, you will be supporting the teaching and learning that the children are experiencing in school each day. If you have any questions or would like any guidance, please do not hesitate to put a note in your child’s HASP book.

Our school library is well on the way to being ready for use by the community. Books are being catalogued on a daily basis and once this is complete, your child will be issued with a lending card to enable them to borrow from the full range of fiction and non-fiction books in our library. I am very excited by this and will of course write to you with opening times and procedures for borrowing books when we are at that stage. This is all, of course, possible thanks to the hard work and fundraising efforts of our Friends of Westwood School, who have kindly donated the funds to enable us to computerise our books stock and to purchase further books to offer the children an exciting and engaging range of books. The school council will be bringing ideas discussed in their classes for books to buy for our library to our next council meeting. Watch this space!

Can I also mention attendance in this issue of the newsletter. Whilst I fully understand that illness can never be helped, can I stress the importance of your child attending school at all other times. The government minimum expectation is for all children to have a 95% attendance rate. Currently, this has risen to 28% of children in the school who are below this threshold and we really need to improve. Your child will learn most effectively if they are in school every day.

A small reminder for before and after school supervision of your children please! As a small school we are not able to spend time in the mornings on the playground and the staff are always busy preparing for an exciting day in the classroom. Therefore, can you please ensure that your children are supervised before and after school, when we have seen them out and whilst they are on the school site, as their safety is always paramount.

Two upcoming dates for your diary are Mother’s Monday on Monday 31st March and our Easter Assembly on Friday 4th April at 9.10am. More information will follow for both of these events next week in a separate letter, but if you would like to plan ahead, Mother’s Monday will be an open invite for mums and significant females in our school community to join your children for as little or as much of the day’s learning as you would like to; you are also very welcome to stay for lunch!

Finally, I am so pleased that our school meals have been such a success. With more children taking them up each week and having sampled them myself, they are a welcome addition to our school day. If you would like your child to have a hot meal, please enquire at the office.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


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