Another reason to feel proud

No doubt that you will have seen in the news and on social media this week that the organisation of the SATs from the highest level has been less than what we may have hoped!

In school however, the atmosphere, planning, preparation and commitment from everyone has been superb. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Mrs Tyler and Mrs Robertson for their compassion and for ensuring that, in a time of some uncertainty and potential stress, the children were as happy and positive as ever. With a wonderful breakfast club to come in to every morning, plenty of upbeat tunes to listen to and their friends around them, the children were given every opportunity to take this week as it came. This is, of course, how it should be.  Their commitment was, of course, outstanding. Their smiles, ever prevalent. Their attitude, exemplary.

Well done everyone for a really great week, I could not be more proud of you all and I know that every single person will have given their absolute best, as that is how you all are. Now, please, have some fun…


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